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Total absence of NcSoft


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Started playing l2 again after so many years cause i really love this game 

And finally i saw l2 classic .....the good old days they said come will be fun they said 

10000 of bot users.......NcSoft not here 

During the past 12 days the only thing i saw on my pc was        Client will be closed          Account in use 

I Died more then 100 times lost so many dungeon         Ncsoft did nothing     Said nothing   No post about this issue 

The sad thing is so many players post about this Issue and guess what     NcSoft again wasnt here to give any answers....TOTAL ABSENCE ONCE AGAIN

But they did something ........remove the flower the ONLY good event for this server help players lvl up even farm 

This is my farewell post 

Its all about the money isnt ???



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If you look at the chat box you will notice all the "shop enchant" items been sold. That means that right now NCSOFT is making lots of money. So the forums and the outcry of players don't affect sales. also, the bots do not affect sales. So why should they bother with the forums or giving us answers for the changes? when it doesn't affect the sales. Just wait until they add mounts to the shop...thats going to be the next big money maker 

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