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A Reasonable request about bot situation.


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So rather than complain about the bot situation again, I will offer some advice to NCSOFT to help alleviate some of the frustration of players.

It's simple: Have a running list somewhere on this forum that actually shows the BOTS that have been banned thus far. I'm not talking about a list of potential bots or people who have been reported as bots, I am simply saying a list of ACTUAL BANNED BOTS. No pictures, just a list of names like 'nvghdysjt' has been banned, "sdkljfdsvdaf" has been banned, etc.

This tiny act would show the community that something is actually being done, and provide a small amount of justice to the players who have reported and seen the same bots for months. As of now the player base does not get any feedback on this subject, and we don't know if bots have just changed their name or been alerted they were reported and just moved locations.

We are told that "everything is being done" to stop bots, regardless of if that is the case, I think you can prove to us that something is being done really easily with this simple list.

Thank You for your time, I love this game, please don't disappoint me:)

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