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  1. I agree, please fix this issue. Multiple tickets have been submitted with locations and the mobs that have issues with spawns. @Hime
  2. It was NCwest's first and only actual attempt to limit the amount of illegal bots getting the event items in places like Ruins Of Agony. I agree that the limit does seem a bit high though, should have been more like lvl 50 and up. Apologies if you have been left out of the event.
  3. cruma tower and high lvl pks

    Would there be any unforeseen consequences of having no xp loss by lawful characters when dying to a perma-red character?
  4. No Mobs

    I agree. Also, it feels like certain places have had their mob count reduced drastically, like the inside of the Cemetery in Aden. That used to be a great place to xp, but there are 50% less mobs to kill there now.
  5. PONIES!

    Good luck getting anything changed, if you submit a ticket to support they say "start a forum topic and developers will see it." LOL
  6. Another boring and unnecessary move that removes even more IMMERSION from the game. What the heck do bathing suits and baseball outfits have to do with the world of Lineage 2? Lineage actually had some interesting lore going for it...
  7. *SIGH* You're obviously one of the mouth breathers doing it. High level PK in lowbie areas has increased by like 1000% since anniversary event. PK is part of the game, (again) obviously. But what's not intended is the combination of high level toons who are quitting so they decide to PK into retirement, and a teleport system that promotes it.
  8. Baiums Mystery Box Event

    Makes me sad I seriously feel like we are in some Psych experiment to study how long a group of nostalgic people are willing to put up with abuse. Not only do these boxes cheapen the "holiness" of over-enchanted weapons (used to take guts and determination to achieve), the boxes also insult the 'gamblers' intelligence with useless and cryptic information like 'VERY LOW'. Seriously?! Is the community supposed to actually determine the hard numbers behind "VERY LOW"? Should I buy 1000 boxes on 10 separate accounts and start calculating the odds for the l2wiki page!? Probably still wouldn't get +16's
  9. This draw event and the baium mystery box event have officially made over-enchanted weapons less cool.
  10. Oh good god. Welp, I guess it's finally time to cut my losses... I am definitely not contributing anymore to this toxic companies coffers. This game is basically an online gambling site now.
  11. disconnections after 10 min

    Whew, close one. I was worried some troglodyte wouldn't chime in with something irrelevant. Thanks buddy you're a hero!
  12. It's called a support ticket, smart guy. If you notice people who have been complaining about xp runes in this forum have been told to file one. There ya go a record. So by your logic if someone payed for NC coins/runes and couldn't log in for days they should get exactly the same thing as someone who was able to play the game for the past couple days and didn't spend anything? I want people to get free stuff, but that still rubs me the wrong way for some reason.
  13. Why do people like you exist? You literally offer nothing to the conversation, and clearly don't understand how business agreements work. Of course he didn't have to pay for anything, BUT he DID, and by doing so he entered into an agreement for a provided service.
  14. Why are SWS dps nerfed unlike BDs?

    -hehe, you so hostile brah , we just talking Lineage 2, i love both of these classes. -I don't play on illegal servers, just original chronicle officials in early 2000's and classic. -You kind of contradict yourself when saying that BD's won't switch to different weapon because they don't have other mastery but that SwS's can. That is the same situation for SwS, he only gets blunt/sword mastery (not dagger p.attack from what i know). So we both in same boat if we want that extra P.attack from core skill weapon. I have been using Duals+ with othel on my SwS and never looked back (i'm close to same level Gladiator p.attack), so i'm not sure if having mastery for weapons matters that much anymore since runes and such, but if SwS had some sort of actual shield skills then i might decide to limit myself (but it don't) so like SwS you're not really limited by mastery either (you might waste a few soulshots switching back and forth though ) -So don't join a mage party? You shouldn't ever have a problem getting a melee party. -I agree that SwS gets easier to solo with thanks to othel rune and song of hunter.
  15. A way to log-in (tuto)

    Omg, it works Thank you! How do I buy ncoins from YOU instead of ncwest?