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  1. there is no even space for all these names
  2. You cant enter 70+ catacombs
  3. Next update should contain 1) Olympiad 2) More then Gludio Castle siege 3) High level Catacombs/Necropolis 4) Loop Macros (so people can compare with thousands of bots) 5) Magical Tables able to drop in Tower of Insolence @Hime
  4. Gl everyone

    F A K E
  5. Magic Tablets for NCoins

    please please, SAY NO MORE
  6. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    bcs you are. Who with brain will say this?
  7. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    Give me 1 proof that i "BOT" on classic and i will give you all my gear
  8. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    why you calling me boter when we talk about tablets here? whats your point?
  9. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    We ask admins about tablets like month ago and they told us they are droping in.. WAIT FOR IT... TOWER OF INSOLENCE with a low chance...ooh,rly? Now new patch released and TOI is not even included in magical tablets drop list..these admins know nothing about this game.They never played classic so they dont care at all.
  10. Magic Tablets + Forgotten Island

    @Hime , @Juji
  11. NCSOFT new joke

    This can happen if you use "only" some kind of clicker Even if you have somewhere in your PC old Adrenaline bot that you didnt use on the server. Next time delete all bots from your PC and you'll be good
  12. Classic 3.0 (kamael) update KR

    How exactly they killed server with pendants? ITS NCsoft,its free2play,everyone with just a bit brain knew that there will be store with such items like pendant.
  13. Botters Hacking taking zero damage

    Blessing of Protection Keeps you safe from an attack by a chaotic character who is more than 10 levels apart from you.
  14. Fatal Counter? srsly?

    So you srsly gives nukers a nuke skill? Whenever i fight vs nukers they nuke me..!