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  1. Everything was fine until we invited our buffer with VIP 0 and Adena and Drops completly stop droping.. I dont say low adena,drops,i say 0
  2. Guyz,stop worry about S grades,we wont get them even this year,so relax
  3. Giran Server Shop Madness

    Complaining on server population
  4. Lvl 70+

    Sillent Valley
  5. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Once they bring Secret of Empire update, we will be close to Innova ,so i suggest you to use l2wiki.com database
  6. question about duel boxing

    it is allowed up to 3 windows per PC
  7. May 15th update...

    You need to relax Not even EU,RU versions got S grade already,so chill,you wont see them next year at least
  8. When? Server needs an update,not the store @Juji, @Hime
  9. 1st May olympiad starts

  10. Anniversary Day Buffs Schedule

    Hello @Hime what kind of buffs ?
  11. What armor for Sk

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaKfxnVOiF6R7o_F3vyL0Rw check out some my videos,i dont feel like im in perma CC
  12. What armor for Sk

    In pvp you should have resist shock and also Fortitude helps a lot xP. BW is more like for PVE
  13. class change

  14. What armor for Sk

    As SK main i would recommend you Doom Heavy. 1, HP 2, Shield deffense (really OP combination with your passive skill "Aegis". And even if you have Earth pendant lvl 3 ++++,feels like every second hit you block by shield
  15. I do know that. All we do is kiling raids and rest server leeching us...they dont accept war,they dont flag..so what can we do?