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Hey guys,

I am thinking about creating a spellsinger and I am a bit worried, because there isn't even a thread about them.. 

What are the pros/cons about this class, are there special/unique spells? 

Are they viable, are they easy to solo lvl/farm? 

Sorry if I ask a bit much, I just never played one :)

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"Solo" is quite hard for any mage since they require buffs and recharger, but that's another thing. 
Speaking of SPS alone meh. They are not bad, their cast and crt rate is higher than other mages...and they're not bad in PvP either but when it comes to 'farm' they're quite the worst.

SPH and Necros both learn CDL which is a HUGE skill that helps you farm way easier and faster since you can kill with 2-3 nukes mobs that are, otherwise, a 6+ nukes deal. 
Also, they has no vampiric skill that can save them from death if they need, they are forced to use 'battle heal'. 
Aaand in the end, they learn real AOE skills quite in the late-game at lv 58, while SPH learns Tempest at 46 and Sorcer learns Blazing circle at 40. To be 'fair' SPS also learn "Frost wall" at lv 50...but the cast range is 40 and it doesn't have a worth 'radius'...sooo...

Damn, looking at it from this POV i really picked up the worst freaking mage to play, lol.

Probably the only one who may be 'worse' than SPS is necros 'till 50 when they learn CDL 'cause they have no aoe skill (just one at lv 46, but you need to cast it on a dead-mob), they have Blaze from lv 35 up 'till lv 44 where they learn Death spike...but even there, Death spike requires bones which are quite expensive...and when mobs drops 200 adenas, you really need to 'save' as more as you can. 

So from the PVE point of view SPS are really trash, for a reason or for the other...
When it comes down to PVP it's quite different 'cause your casting is faster than ur opponent and also, you can learn Ice dagger that bleed ur enemy. Now, back in the days i used to cast ice dagger first and the hydro blast 'cause i was able to cast 2 skills while my opponent was casting 1...and ice dagger could stop the enemy cast. I tried this in giran, and even tho i quit the server at lv 57, it never happened. Looks like nowdays it's rare to block a cast without a critical hit, and even in that case, you may not break it. Meaning that ur only "strong" point is ur casting speed and m critical rate. 

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SPS, SORC, and SH are all great choices... I just retired my 78 Ghost sentinel in favor of an SPS.  I already have a 77 sorc and use my cousins 75 SH from time to time.  SH is arguably the best due to its arsenal of spells, silence, etc, but it doesn’t have the good AOE spell at 58 that SPS and Sorc get.  That’s the best AOE spell in the game.

SPS has interesting tools in its tool bag as well. Among them are powerful DOT’s and slows, which will F up any high defense char.  While normal spells lose their damage against high magical resistance, like someone using ultimate defense, your DOT will do its full damage.  This should be worth noting.

SPS will be formidable in pve and PvP.  Just make sure you have an SE to recharge you.  You get body to mind, but it won’t be enough.  The best solo char is elven summoner, hands down, no contest. CDL damage sucks compared to your normal nuke.  They changed the damage and mana cost of your strongest nuke as a mage class, upped the damage, and lowered the cost, CDL can’t  keep up.  It wasn’t modified to reflect this change so it’s not nearly as good as it once was conparitavely speaking.

All that said, I’m making a trio of nukers.  SH, Sorc, and SPS.  I’ve really enjoyed the SPS so far.

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