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disconnections after 10 min

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I am vip 3 I have disconnections after 20 to 30 min, all my accounts are disconnected and I can not log in again, it remains in the server selection screen, any solution to that ????

I have 2 pc, 1 clean without antivirus and another with antivirus so it is not a computer problem, there must be some type of blocking by ip and my connection is from germany, from my neighbor if I can connect 1 account

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I'm thinking it might be localized, i had one issue of latency on thursday night around 10-11 pm EST, shots were lagging something horrible. Other than that i've had no issues at all, and i'm way up in the NE USA.

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On 3/29/2019 at 2:50 AM, Skizor said:

So because you are vip you think you have a special connection to the server? xD

Whew, close one. I was worried some troglodyte wouldn't chime in with something irrelevant. Thanks buddy you're a hero!

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