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Ertheia Letter from the Queen Quest Dissapear? Please help..


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hi, I have just tried this game for few days and I love it. I am playing Ertheia Warrior under the name Scorphia

the thing is I have reached level 55. after finishing up to level 52 at Chroma Tower with chain quest "Letter from the queen", the quest suddenly stops and doesnt continue.

I read on the internet that the quest suppose to be a chain quest up to level 75.

but now im at level 55 and no more quest from "letter from the queen"


is this an error or did I do something wrong?


please help. thanks

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Take it easy, you must be reach level 56 to continue with these Quests.

When you arrive lv. 56 you ll recibe another letter from queen.

And remember, this will be happen a few times in the future until you reach 81 lvl. Letters from the queen Dragon Valley.

You need to level up without quests when you have no Letters from queen Quests..


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