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Reach lv40 without use any sp scroll from NOS quest, made my first dungeon Lv40 and get a dimensional blessing (lol lucky) from lv40 to lv43 then I delevel to lv40 again and farm till lv46 WITHOUT use any xp scroll quest, 100% farm xp/sp...why I still need a loooooot of sp to learn even first skills/pasives? where is the damn problem of the SP? farm from lv1 to lv46 (1.1kk sp for free thanks to dimensional blessing) and still need learn a lot of skills cuz I have 0 sp...now to lv49 7 skills more  to learn....how  to make SP here? deleving every damn level every day till I make some sp? even I m not learning some skill since lv 35 lol 

To lv70 I will still need SP for learn lv45 skills? omfg

Resultado de imagen de hitting myself



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8 hours ago, Chigikogo said:

You don't need all skills and passives you know.

The joke is I'm not learning all skills/pasives...just most importants, is why I'm so angry xD last 2 level just learning 2 skills...and next level not even done sp for next 2 skills...maybe around 15 skills/pasives to learn atm...is just crazy imho.

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