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  1. NC aware of the login issue?

    try non stop and after some try "maybe" u can play
  2. NC aware of the login issue?

    20 min trying still can't log...
  3. Daily Special Hunt (Level 55-70) Completed when 30 Earth's Guardian Palabati are hunted in the Seal of Shilen. Can be done daily. Daily XP Scroll 10,000,000
  4. Can ncwest add free teleports sometimes? is a bit joke in live servers a lot of times 0 adena teleport but not in classic servers
  5. Banned on a tune for no reason.

    Sorri but after 8 years in ncwest never see ban to 100% legit player...x0 ban to me or any of my close friends ingame since DECEMBER 2.011..stop use bot or "macro" with keyboard/mouse gamer and stop buy adena from black market and maybe u will never get ban "for no reason".
  6. Classic Server Population.

    And every day day will be less players, but this is normal, pay to win came and some free to play players or just vip users quit game but ncwest doesn't care for this situtation, they just looking for top spenders/gamblers. Same as year 2011 with goddess of destruction, from 5 healthy servers to finally only 2 with not good population, in some months or year first merdge then we will finally got only 2 classic servers Accept it or just quit game...the pay to win system is just starting...
  7. My set is gone ???

    You try to sell ur set and put a wrong price, then I buy for ridicolous quantity of adena and now you are trying ncwest give you a new one? jajaja good luck!!!
  8. Pay for VIP, pay for l2 store p2w item and now pay for nickname?
  9. Elven Mithril Set

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Elven_Mithril_Set https://l2wiki.com/Elven_Mithril_Set Something wrong with l2 wiki classic...I remember days ago +7 bonus speed but now show other set with the same name...not sure what happens..
  10. Elven Mithril Set

  11. Was a nice tactic ncfail, 4-5 months just with VIP and Hats then when people fully adicted to the game put the first extreme p2w item in l2store, as old player I know this happen soon or later but the lack of respect to ur costumers is really awesome.
  12. Juji 4 months ago: just hats and vip service accounts. hahahahahahahahahaha