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  1. 3 weeks waiting for some good event, he finally come and me very happy cuz can learn some skills from stuck buffers...3 days later of happiness event is canceled...lose the desire to play completely...so tired to kill mobs and more mobs with adena/drop nerfed as hell...
  3. Bye Bye easy xp/sp for buffers...
  4. WHENNNNNNNNN!!!!!!???????!!!???!?
  5. Many Bots, low gameplay

    If you find a good spot you can farm 24/7 via macro 100% legit...I bet some of those who you think are bots are just using macro...I never use bot but if ncwest put the key to farm "like a bot" 100% legit...I will use
  6. Spending money on l2 store tickets only available on l2 store, a p2w event...
  7. And this is the "EVENT" ? a p2w casino?
  8. Is a bit crazy the situation, mobs give the xp who u can see in l2 wiki but mobs give even less of half of the adena, only 70% chance to get the adena x mob and ofc half of the mobs atm dont give any adena or drop just xp/sp....how is suppose to make some adenas now? cruma tower awesome xp/sp but adena/drop rates are just miserable... Test my char lv65 still even worse than "lowbie" areas...this new update is cool for new teleport system & macro but lose the desire to play...this will continue like this? almost not even adena for shots and better dont think to "save" adenas...
  9. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    All the coins used on oriana just get tablets...around 10k coins. Oriana coins for soulshots is the best you can do more when prices in gludio fall to 1kk adena x tablet max....
  10. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    120k coins 100% LEGIT bot paradise
  11. If you are too worried about bots what are you doing here? You think I care about bots playing here since 2.011? lol I play my game without looking back, I enjoy the game to my way and those free items are nice for me! then yes is EXCELLENT.
  12. Looking for some party or +/- strong dd +62/+69Lv for xp/SP party, I'm mad for SP for at least learn next greater might/shield levels and bless the body/soul - Haste Lv2 + Death Whisper Lv3 + Greater Might Lv1 + Bless Soul/Body Lv5 learned -No want drops or adena, you can put party finders and all adena I get I will give back! -Got BladeDancer lf 64 with all dances learned just for help if needed, just in party for dances and I leave ( no need xp on him) If someone interested PM/MAIL STR ingame plz, gludio server ofc, thanks for ur time, have fun ingame!!!
  13. The joke is I'm not learning all skills/pasives...just most importants, is why I'm so angry last 2 level just learning 2 skills...and next level not even done sp for next 2 skills...maybe around 15 skills/pasives to learn atm...is just crazy imho.