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  1. Is a bit crazy the situation, mobs give the xp who u can see in l2 wiki but mobs give even less of half of the adena, only 70% chance to get the adena x mob and ofc half of the mobs atm dont give any adena or drop just xp/sp....how is suppose to make some adenas now? cruma tower awesome xp/sp but adena/drop rates are just miserable... Test my char lv65 still even worse than "lowbie" areas...this new update is cool for new teleport system & macro but lose the desire to play...this will continue like this? almost not even adena for shots and better dont think to "save" adenas...
  2. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    All the coins used on oriana just get tablets...around 10k coins. Oriana coins for soulshots is the best you can do more when prices in gludio fall to 1kk adena x tablet max....
  3. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    120k coins 100% LEGIT bot paradise
  4. If you are too worried about bots what are you doing here? You think I care about bots playing here since 2.011? lol I play my game without looking back, I enjoy the game to my way and those free items are nice for me! then yes is EXCELLENT.
  5. Looking for some party or +/- strong dd +62/+69Lv for xp/SP party, I'm mad for SP for at least learn next greater might/shield levels and bless the body/soul - Haste Lv2 + Death Whisper Lv3 + Greater Might Lv1 + Bless Soul/Body Lv5 learned -No want drops or adena, you can put party finders and all adena I get I will give back! -Got BladeDancer lf 64 with all dances learned just for help if needed, just in party for dances and I leave ( no need xp on him) If someone interested PM/MAIL STR ingame plz, gludio server ofc, thanks for ur time, have fun ingame!!!
  6. The joke is I'm not learning all skills/pasives...just most importants, is why I'm so angry last 2 level just learning 2 skills...and next level not even done sp for next 2 skills...maybe around 15 skills/pasives to learn atm...is just crazy imho.
  7. Made a Warlord! kill 15-20 mobs using 3-4 soulshot priceless!!!
  8. Reach lv40 without use any sp scroll from NOS quest, made my first dungeon Lv40 and get a dimensional blessing (lol lucky) from lv40 to lv43 then I delevel to lv40 again and farm till lv46 WITHOUT use any xp scroll quest, 100% farm xp/sp...why I still need a loooooot of sp to learn even first skills/pasives? where is the damn problem of the SP? farm from lv1 to lv46 (1.1kk sp for free thanks to dimensional blessing) and still need learn a lot of skills cuz I have 0 sp...now to lv49 7 skills more to learn....how to make SP here? deleving every damn level every day till I make some sp? even I m not learning some skill since lv 35 lol To lv70 I will still need SP for learn lv45 skills? omfg

    Imho like me more blue wolf heavy...this 30% stun resist + 7 speed like me more than a bit some hp...Doom still good option but I will go for blue wolf heavy ( I'm warlord too) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Blue_Wolf_Heavy_Armor_Set https://l2wiki.com/classic/Doom_Heavy_Armor_Set
  10. I'm not a bot and I'm so happy now cuz of bot legit players can't enjoy a good event or what? bleep the bots!!! nothing new since 2.011 goddess...I enjoy the game without looking back.