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  1. The event prophecy piece is just 100% miserable...made the 18 quest for 18 prophecy parts, u change each of them x5kk = 90kk then u get near 5-7 chest reward and get finally 3 ear...I waste 90kk adena & time to get 3 miserable ear? 0% chance to get something...bcs I imagine even to get a r110 weapon the chance will be 0'0001% and not even think about the big rewards...serious, the event is just miserable...even for a newbie trying to make few adena bcs they can't, is a totally lose lose situation, at least made the bleeping change for free or for few adenas not for 5kk each...I pay 9
  2. Lf info, and hope they not nerf my dear eviscerator xD
  3. Since Dec. 2011 I received a lot of this mails, just open it & delete, play legit & ignore the black market
  4. 10 years in server and is my 2on ticket I think let's try...thanks.
  5. XP event is ok, some people forgot we have 200% xp buff perma with the matchsticks, my only problem who make me a bit mad is the vita rune 30 days promised for sign in L2M, I do all the steps and finally don't get it...that hurts bcs some people get it, all or nothing please...
  6. Thanks for the event of +12 weapons for free but now what? Elcyum price goes crazy, augment stones too, bloody/dark stones too...made this weapon bloody or limited is even more expensive than buy it done. Playing Naia is just desilusional, trying to make some adenas then prices goes to x2/x3 expensive in just few days and this is just the begining, what I can do? This "+12 weapon event" put things even worse than before...rich players buy everything and the ones like me who are not hardcore $$$ players still in the same spot. (I just spend for prestige pack & 20-40$ x month
  7. Many events? more than half of them are just "l2 store event" and the halloween event, sorri u can't call it event...the only good thing the 30 days vitality rune...
  8. But...the angel hair accesory is removed when event ends? I can enchant it to +10 but in 14 days is removed? are u kidding or I'm wrong?
  9. You are so generous calling this "event"
  10. And you call this Halloween event? 1 minut buff & 4 mobs more spawning 8h x day? lol are you serious?
  11. Maybe is only bad luck but I'm not geting nothing from crisis chest...just 1 book last 8 days (560 chest +/- just 1 book)...who knows maybe some ninja patch reducing even more the chance to get something coming from ncwest you never will know.
  12. Hi L2 adicteds, there is almost 10 years since Goddess start and still alive! for how many time you think will be online? Interested to see ur opinion good & bad, I hope at least 10 years more xD (sorri for my bad Engrish)
  13. Hi people, someone knows when will be +/- the next Red Libra event? need to change weapon & dual class, back to game just 2 months ago and duno when whas the last one, thanks in advance!!!
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