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hm :)


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We othell have power on target, best skill its blood stab and heart breaker and cw :)

How about Aoe?
Dagger Explosion + Barrage of Nails + Poison Swarm
17k power + 21k power

looking some1 who maxed aoe damage, wondering what damage can make in maxed aoe.

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I dont know bro :) i make a small test on npc, look

Heart +15 Power 3.01m top damage
Dagger Explosion +0 Power 65k-175k +10 Power 73.5k - 207k +10 Break 76.6k- 220k
And this is without iss debuff, can be 85k - 300k on aoe per mob
Average damage its 70k-75k and 190k-215, two skill for normal and one on top, on npc

+ i wasnt debuff the +10 hex  on Barrage of Nails.
So i see potential on othell aoe. not as much as aoe dd have like yull or feoh, but have.
Would be awesome if ncwest start a public test server so can test out othell aoe max damage.

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