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Adena Problem

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Read the patch notes. Don't listen to Andi_Omukai.

Drops for many areas have changed. Some mobs in those areas now give more exp but at the cost of adena and drops. It seems like some areas are purely just for exp farming while other areas are for farming drops. It may help if you specify which areas you are hunting in now....

It seems the exp areas are geared for people who are re-rolling to power level alts and dont need the adenas. This is fine for the Korea and Euro servers since they have had years head start so most of their pop is in the higher tier anyways. But this is a problem in NA serves since most of the population is not as high yet and still need both exp and drops in the sub 65 lvl areas.

Don't give up hope, just do some exploring until you find a new spot. Good hunting.

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in some level ranges, there are no "adena spots" at all.

deleveling to stay at a lucrative spot is "a time honored tradition" in lineage 2 - if you're a bot. which these days, most people are.


the problem is this: at some point, you will need adena, even if just to buy shots, so you can do green mobs instead of light blues. not a problem for the 9-man-trains trampling mobs instantly, starting in wastelands, but a) there was supposed to be a 3-client-limit (and i assume it will return), and b) only a fraction of the players lets their pc on 24/7, running a full party. personally, i'm running 2 toons, killing white mobs painfully slowly, but i don't care. i check them on:e a week while playing eso. lineage 2 has become a side project, it used to be my main game. many don't even bother anymore.

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