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  1. Saber is right. The new mobs that give extra exp but give no drops, will also result in no silver coins. Only mobs that have a drop table will give you coins.
  2. Try it solo with no party members. Just a hint....
  3. It's not a bug, drop tables in that area have changed as well. Patch notes imply this was done.
  4. No I disagree. If you want cheaper ports, they can always make it free or just lower the prices. The reason why you always had multiple hops is to prevent people from doing rapid surprise gankings across the map. With the old GK system you can always have warring of people gathering or porting to a cretin locations. This is because certain ports are hubs for travel and the port options from hubs are limited. With the current port from anywhere system, good luck and enjoy your dirt naps. L2 is mainly a PVP game after all or have people forgot that? As to the EE PR being useless, this is n
  5. I think you hit it on the head, this is a poorly documented change in the parch notes. Most of the people complaining about drops are probably boxing a buffer/healer char that is near 10 levels below or 6 levels above the average in the party. This is probably why some people are reporting abysmal drop rates bust still getting exp. While people like me don't notice because our chars in party are about the same levels.
  6. I'm starting to wonder how many of these people complaining about no adena drops or low adena drops are due to them having boxed characters that are too high or too low in level in the same party. From what I see the patch did not explain this new change very well, the description of the changes are quite vague. But from what i gather, the larger the level difference between characters the lower the drops and exp. With drops going to 0 eventually. So if the lowest lvl char is more than 11 levels lower than the average and the highest level char is more than 6 lvl's above, you don't get drops a
  7. Either get a proper 8 man party [Not boxed with 5 inactive supports] and go level in a 70+ area or find a way to survive the damage of TOI. Sorry your special snowflake hug box that is AL got nerfed. But your either a high level scrub who has never really played L2 in the past or just someone who can only level in areas where you are told you can go.
  8. If you had 3.3mill xp for party of 6 every 20 min how are you still lvl65? Do you play for 20 min a day?
  9. YAY I never knew i was a fountain of knowledge!! Thank you. At 49 you can still solo ~34 or get a full buff party and do ~55+. You wont even need SS or pots. Your playing Classic! And true to classic form you had to sometimes grind at lower level places to get the adena to afford the SS needed to grind for exp at higher places. This is how it was originally 15 years ago nothing has changed. If anything you have been spoiled for the past 6 months. Part of learning the game was to know when and where to use SS and when and where to sacrifice exp to farm for adena. If you are just desperat
  10. Here you go. Hope these are still valid. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Chain_Hood_Pattern
  11. That's silly way to say botting....hmmm....
  12. Here's a thought, instead of going with the game suggestions on where to farm and at what level to do so, why don't people do some actual exploring in the game to find a spot that works. But no people are lazy and rather cry on the forums in hopes that someone will tell them what to do or where to go. This the definition of a real life bot. No independent thought at all.
  13. The obvious solution is to equip a dagger. Problem solved.
  14. I think they changed it because everyone now gets 15% mana regen from the mark of journey.
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