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Fastest way to level up 80 to 85, anyone?

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80 -85 if you don't have Decent Weapons to loan them(+8-12 Blessed R95 or better) then just go to Tarti in Gludio... kill 50,kill another 50 etc. mobs are ok XP and Quest gives decent XP when you're done. If they can do decent damage, then Dragon Valley(even with no quests now?) or Altar of Evil(you need extreme damage or nearly 85 with above average damage)

85+ you can do Adventurer Guild Quests from Penny all over again(you can get any of the Quests from Herphah that you haven't finished before).

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You can take quest on Dual class... then kill with Main class(1-shot most mobs without shots with a 105 toon) your Main won't gain any XP at that level but you will complete quest quick and quest(lvl 76-85) gave 2-3 levels for the toons I've been playing(seemed like 2-3X more XP than from the mobs)


PS. change back to Dual class to turn in the Quest.

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