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hi everyone - im lvl 92 iss dominator 

my question is = from internet l2wiki I read -saw buffs from dominator is for entire clan like example - horn frenzy ; harp frenzy ;lute frenzy etc........

i am now 92 but from learn skills and skilled learned i don't seee any buffs like that only buffs I seee and learn is like other iss hierophant doomcryer muse etc....like horn melody drum melody etc....   am I missing something or or the buffs wil be unlocked at centen lvl ???????

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You must first use:



Vanguard of Baylor 

  Summons the Dominant Flag. If used near the Dominant Flag, it applies the effects of Melody, Harmony, Drum, Ditty and Rhapsody buff skills to clan members and enhances Seal Mesmerizing skills (Lv. 4 or higher). Also makes the caster immune to Pull. Consumes 5 Spirit Ore.


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