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Current game situation: Neckbeards nolife PK all normies

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So the game situation right now on Aden classic is that a clan of Neckbearded incels have overrun the all the exp spots with high lvl summoners going PK all normies casual players and set their own bots their with insta heal (adrenaline not macro)   For normal players its impossible to exp due REDS pking everyone besides their own bots...   chruma, cannot exp more than max 15 min before horde of red magus is 1 shot.. Same of field massacre  EG etc
Im sure juji will either ban this bost or saying that everything is running like intended...  

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Using such language outside 4chan will just make you look like a tool. But yeah, same situation in Giran. Only alternative is to get the blessing of protection from gatekeeper and go refresh it every 2 hours. 

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Funny is Aden is almost dead as gludio is.

Aware of this situation, maybe GM's should never allow character transfer from these empty servers to girarn or TI.   Let the greedy die alone with his billions of adenas/stuff. :ph34r::P

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