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Hello everyone and special greetings for the GM on Giran server. What i come here to do is complain about something that i think (and i hope many hundreds of players agree) is destroying the in game experience of the Lineage 2. Everyone from lvl 40+ and special the lvl 70+ are being PK all the time. THe players are chilling, playing with macro attack and then, comes a PK char that teleports out of knowhere and PK's everyone. The people behind those chars are the high lvl ones, from the guild that controls the server (Oly heroes, RB, legendaries RB, sieges, farm spots...) and then, they do PK parties to kill people lvl 70+ all the time so they cant get higher lvl and then there is no competition for them.

I know PK is part of the game but the TELEPORT button is making things to damn impossible. I go somewhere, i farm for hours and i get like 3% XP on my char....comes a PK and i am down.


So please, NCSoft, find a way to really deal with this. My opinion is to remove the Teleport button from the HUD.


Thanks for your time and i hope people read this and gice some other ideas but...this issue must be solved!!!

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Yeah this is going to kill the game and ncsoft won't even care because they are too busy trying to move into the mobile market for even more sweet RMT $$$$...

This was obvious too if you paid any attention to the EU classic servers where a specific group of people have taken over the higher level areas with PKs to charge people for the ability to level.

There are too many vastly superior games out there for Ncsoft to pull their usual bullcrap here and survive like they have in the past.

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