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  1. Maybe your should start asking the proper questions, for example - Make the game competitive by playing it and cosmetics only from promos.
  2. There is nothing bad in the events. You're just expecting too much and to gain unfair advantage by paying instead of playing.
  3. Hell, This story is very heartbreaking, it made me shed some tears, although I'm usually very though... that says it all about how I felt. @Jujias you're the only one here that can move this thing and make it happen, please make a little effort as an appreciation to the community and verify the story. I'm personally willing to financially support or cover the whole cost of putting an NPC with the said name on the given place. Also I can fully create the npc and complete with story dialog, location, name, everything that needs to be done for a working l2npc. Creating a custo
  4. These are 5% chance, in theory you could have gotten 1 part blessed, but that's not a guarantee.
  5. Please, distinguish "supporting" from "benefiting" when spending money on L2, these are quite a different things.If you would like to support the game, make a purchase to NCSoft, without the benefiting, otherwise this is largely a hypocritical.You either support L2 or you exploit the system for your own benefit.
  6. Huh....you're just being lazy.Its very simple system and you don't need to spend any vitality or anything to actually get it maxed out or close to.For example if you're a DD, get a green tree (or red if you are lucky).Level it, level it's abilities and profit, that's all.
  7. It sounds easy, but it's rather impossible to do.There are many variables in play, including families playing from same IP and such.Also banning IPs is one of the worst ideas in networking in general.Owners of these IPs change (or at least the clients behind them).Services like WTFast, Battleping and so on reply on very few IPs for given region and hundreds of players may get affected by IP ban, which they do not deserve. There are way more technical reasons not to block IPs and NC knows that very very well, hence they never ban by IP, but by account.I know from the point you see this it
  8. BurnCycle, you were playing with the bots for a long time, I don't know if you were one of them, but that's not the point, you know it very well.What I`m asking is: How come you`ve suddenly against them?Why that sudden change of mind? Also, there is nobody protected, the support just follows procedure and if that procedure/protocol fails to fulfill the required evidence for botting, nothing happens.It's not like somebody digs until it finds the bot owner.This is the main reason you see the bot owners still in-game. I don't support these bots and their owners, actually I think these p
  9. The prestige rune needs nerfing.
  10. Also, these are slow to cast, you'll probably rebuff everything before you cast all three. Also there is another reason why these are not available for auto-use, it's a combo buff, while the logic for expiring buffs is for single ones.
  11. Dunno why you're making such videos. The bell was ringing HARD years ago, it's your own fault you didn't realize it. Also don't blame nc for taking advantage of the randoms ready to throw bags of money on them, only and only to progress through paying instead of playing.
  12. There were no nerfs to the GK, its just that all the mobs that are 105+ got boosted like 200-300% in terms of attack and somewhat in defense too.
  13. Uhm, now are the servers dead as topic title says or you're just having connectivity issues?
  14. I'm not, obviously. But the info is out there, if you care to search for it and find it.
  15. It works exactly as it worked in the past.Same goes for the coins.I never won from this event mind you, but it's what it is.
  16. It was way too rewarding in the past, @socketka reported it and now it's fixed.
  17. There is a way, actually two. 1st - This one is better, use a keyboard/mause macro to use your normal skills, create a macro that you put in your shortcut bar with the augment (switching weapons etc every 290 sec). Activate auto-attack to get targets and pick up and the other 2 macros and profit. 2nd - Less effective, but somewhat simpler. Use a macro on the shortcut bar with the augment (switching weapons etc as above) and just use normal auto hunt + toggle skills and profit.
  18. It's not an active skill, but a trigger with very long reuse.
  19. Having the window open (it's a glitch), doesn't mean that you have the access level to use it. You won't get banned, no worries.
  20. You have never been to the clan instances or? The bosses there do have 80% normal attack crit resistance. 80% is very soft number, so the playing field might become somewhat leveled.
  21. Evis for sure, it's the cheapest thing that actually can farm for almost no investment. Don't expect miracles, of course. GK the other good option, but it's real power is stacking it on skill power, skill crit dmg and rate, but that's expensive.
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