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  1. oh snap, You have the ability to set up a box in such a manner that it will pick up your drops, but you don't want to for some reason of yours.
  2. What took you so long to realize that the luc stat has random variance and you can trigger lady luck even with 40 luck more often then with 100.
  3. Read my post carefully. If you can set it up, but you just don't want us whole different thing. The reason why you don't want to is irrelevant.
  4. How come suddenly more and ppl are saying the same I've been saying for.....10 years now? Interesting, isn't it?
  5. If you setup your toons properly, this won't be an issue. Only a lamer will have a problem with this, but then... learning takes time...
  6. The remastered l2 is soooooooo Essence-like .... not sure that you want to play that (many will do I`m sure though).
  7. L2 is rather old game (17++ years now).The less servers is better for competition and overall well-being of any l2 server.
  8. There is no other way and this is supposed to be expensive.Good that you don't have some +20 R99 to upgrade
  9. The game is nerfed to the ground and this one asking for nerf..... amazin'
  10. Ehm, cmon, my hero number stats says otherwise.I wont mention numbers so ppl dont get too jelly, but it used to be possible let's say like 3-4 years ago and beyond.
  11. No need to believe anything, I might take few screens just to tease you
  12. This is not true, I kill them on lv110 and lv111 toon (evis and archer).My mage that's 112 cant kill a shid though.They drop every time something, you do get drop penalty for sure, but if they are not dark red to you, its good.
  13. Still getting stuff from the lv120 boxes, got Diamond 5, 2x Emerald 5, 2x Red Cat 5, Perl 5, 2x Obsidian 5 and some others that were actually crap, like angel jewery boxes and fallen angel ring box.Also from the lv110 box yesterday got Radiant wizard circlet.
  14. The long random window and random location spawn does help though. If I'm able to find and kill them..... why others wouldn't be able to?
  15. Not sure, but it only would have been fair to leave everyone's xp as it was, you've farmed for it anyways.
  16. huh, it's not like I had 6 greater jewels when this chest update have hit..... Now I do.
  17. Farmed like 15 of them, good drops, you just need to roam a lot and be able to kill them fast The chests are "monsters" to answer the op.
  18. If you did your research, you'll find that a huge chunk of xp was removed from everyone to keep the same % after the tables adjust.
  19. So what's the problem? Everyone is free to do whatever he/she wants.
  20. The advanced ones are good enough really. I literally see no difference between green Ayri and Red one, both lv5...
  21. Go for +5 str, +5 dex dyes first of all. Then deepening on what skill crit rate you get on your multiple arrow and heavy arrow rain, you adjust the SAs accordingly.
  22. Money spent is irrelevant at this stage. If they have spent, they will have to do it again and again or quit.
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