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  1. The restoration exploit is a little bit less destructive than the pay2win nobs, so whatever. If you're spending money to gain advantage, then you're as guilty.
  2. Silly question about dragon weapon

    Something has changed about the augment, I stand corrected on that. Although I know a dorf that has an augment on avenger fragment....
  3. Server "Light" ?

    It is what it is, was nice to have it for so long in combination with free maint rune and 200 xp buff pots etc. I've also noticed that it went off this morning.
  4. Still the best?

    It's a very good Iss, dunno if it's the best nowadays, since DC and Domi buff gives skill power.
  5. Upgrades and more

    Tyrr has no benefit of DEX at all, it's not like the yull which armor mastery increases the skill crit rate by increasing DEX, so you go STR. Obviously you can go +5 STR, +5 DEX, +4 CHA, but those are expensive ofc. Also there is a CON build option, but that requires really end-game gear, including dragon or demon weapon to reach smth like 300k CP and 400k+ HP.
  6. Upgrades and more

    It's the new meta of the tyrrs, you go for Skill crit rate, Skill crit damage and skill power build. It's equally good for pve and pvp.
  7. Fix your Server

    Better listen to the dorf, you may learn something. Especially that it's a feature, not a bug.
  8. Haunted Chest Horrible Scam

    The moar you open, the better the chance eh xDDD
  9. Silly question about dragon weapon

    You actually can Augment and put Shilien/Mystic SA on a fragment. You can also use it as normal weapon, but you don't get the passive (Dragon Mage / Dragon Fighter) and no Elemental attribute.
  10. Atlas’ Earring

    The stone is called Accessory Augmenting Stone, but it"s not in the game here yet.
  11. It's 100% for lv1 and lv2 and freaking 300% for lv3 dragon weapons. @Juji info on this and why it's not working?
  12. Fix your Server

    This is exactly the way it works lulz and it's been that way for over a decade.
  13. Haunted Chest Horrible Scam

    I didn't get scammed at all, dunno how you did that...
  14. Fix your Server

    So whats the problem ???
  15. MASS PETETION the event

    lal, failed and qq Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. Better luck next time
  16. Level penalties!

    That's a solo zone.... dunno why would you go there with full party....
  17. I know what you mean, but I don't think that's the case here either.It has 0 bonus on any dragon.Also it's meant to be active versus anything that's a dragon.... @Juji can you do a quick test and let us know what's going on with this +100% damage on dragons of the Dragon claw weapons please?
  18. This bonus doesn't work at all.
  19. we set goals

    Fine, ty. If I'm to log in, I'll wait on the que probably, just as everyone else.
  20. we set goals

    This is Hellokitty, not L2, nothing sets you back.

    If you're paying thousands of dollars to play hellokitty, better seek immediate medical help. Also you don't own anything here, so it doesn't matter if you've spent your kidneys or just coffee money.
  22. This is not the cause of the lag, the servers got protection and the client too. While it may seem to you that you're flooding the server by using kbd/mouse macro, you don't. Also on Core, everyone and his dog uses these and there is no lag, the culprit is elsewhere.
  23. Trashtalking Olympiad

    This ain't a pri.vate server brah, you can use pm for such things.
  24. Red Star Bottle

    It's not up to ncw anyway, the devs abandoned these as evident. Your point is on track, but it doesn't matter really, if the devs took the things in other direction. Maybe some promo in the future nay bring them back, but I highly doubt it.