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Hair accesory doubl pendant


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Hi, I was wondering how to make hair accessory with effects of two pendants? I've seen those in AH, but haven't found info on how to make one. Anyone can guide my through the proccess?

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@Bone As Pleis said, it's a gamble  based system. You need two sealed pendants and a clean accessory. The results are random. Reconstruction managers in Talking Island and Giran will do the trade. While I won't say the cost is very high, it's pricey no doubt. But if you get a great roll on the accessory it could mean big profit.


Pricing on my server averages

5-10m for clean accessory

5-10m for each sealed pendant

as well, I think there's a charge from the Reconstruction manager. Also can probably reduce some of the cost if you just buy nimble fish and trade for the accessory.

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