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  1. It's really simple to test p.critical. Granted, you still have the control or was that what you augmented? I can tell you with a solid confidence that it works. Went through an augment run recently and scored a 10% p.critical damage and absolutely saw the difference. Ended up with 15% p.skill power and it's night and day. You adena gain might be getting bottle necked elsewhere.
  2. Outside of having a few members win hero, grind. Recruit and grind. Hope your members even bother doing clan quests oh yah... and grind.
  3. These ^, pretty much. What would you want to watch? "My Auto killing things for 4 hours while I run errands" ? "Watch me capture Zariche every mon-thrus unopposed" ? While I'll admit pvp and sieges can be very exciting all it takes is one lineage 2 "vet" to show up and wipe the field. The gaps between competitive tiers is humongous. You can be equipped with 500 billion to 1 trillion ($10,000-$20,000) in gear and still get one shot regularly, mostly outside of invincibility cool downs. Where, those on the lower tiers have absolutely zero chance and while I do think
  4. Some post-thread thoughts. This post also led me to think about how I cringe when people ask me what I'm playing these days. It's really hard to admit because the second I say, they get interested then I have to go on and tell them that to be even mildly competitive they'll have to invest around ten thousand USD. Now as I've said in past posts, I have no problems spending money on my hobbies and things I enjoy but the entry barrier for competition in this game is ludicrous. Worse, I could suggest they just go full PVE... then what's the point of L2? There's far better PVE mmos out
  5. So here we are, Brooch event again. Now, I'm not terribly experienced with brooch event. When I came back to the game Lineage 2 was in the middle of one. I do recall buying a pack but overall, selling everything for adena. This time, I decided to participate genuinely. So, ordered a few packs from the L2 Store, I did. Opened something like 600 boxes and received all of... 3 Red Cat's Eye. Okay great, maybe it's just my luck, huh? So lets take to the server market and explore! Nothing. What the heck??? Absolute abundance on everything but Red Cat's Eye... To the point you see like ten peop
  6. Two tries, almost a third before I talked myself out of it and put the adena to work elsewhere. No luck. Seems the servers are drying up on forbidden secret books as well so expect price to go up. Classic Lineage 2. It has always been a gamble, just -- the stakes matured with the demographic. It's a good way, now that blowing up weapons and armor is pretty much not a thing, to take wealth out of the economy. Which is a very important dynamic for any mmo economy.
  7. lol is that what you took away from that post? Oh man... Exactly my point. You're not main-ing Fortune Seekers, you're boxing them for extra profit. Good on NCsoft for making this move. People complain the class is dead/dying.. Then complain you actually have to put effort into it to make a profit.. Which one do you want? Do you want the class to strive or are you guys just *itching because you can't make adena with your box OFS?
  8. Damaged spellbook drops have been removed from the game, it was in the patch notes.
  9. So, they reduced spoil loot table for anything under 105 and increased it for anything over 105, what's the problem? Oh you mad you can't compete now? Or that you're not making that easy adena with your paulinas equipped OFS anymore? Working as intended as far as I'm concerned. They inverted the demographics and as someone that actually plays OFS this is nothing but good news. I'm actually getting spoils now. This is like getting angry you can't kill lv 110 mobs at 99. Yeah, it's by design. Build a challenge wall and weed out those trying to take advantage of the system.
  10. Seems to be a change in the demographics able to spoil for profit. It was great between 85 through about 102 then there was a huge drop off. Maybe a few spoils every thousand mobs. From reports would seem they did this to prevent people from rolling a fortune seeker for easy profit instead of actually playing the class as a main. Spoils have went up ten fold in areas I hunt. A day of spoils yeilds about 1500 mats of various types now, all lv4. Where before, like mentioned, successful spoils were a rarity. Honestly this is a great move. Drives demand for genu
  11. Can confirm a bit less on adena, a bit less on general parts drops. But a pretty big gain in spoils Dorfies are back, baby!
  12. No. Not to be sexist here but you sound like you want everyone to have a participation trophy. That's not and will never be how Lineage 2 operates. At it's core it's a competitive pvp game. Grueling competition is what drives the market. The game you're requesting has been made, time and time again.. and honestly, if you think that buying adena is even an option.. You're already a write off. Twisting the world to fit your needs instead of settling in for the ride is something a Karen would do. Don't be a Karen. Don't like wars and being grieved? Fish or run instances. P
  13. Play what you want to play. At the end of the day it's not going to be a groups character, it's going to be yours. Everyone who's anyone has a box ISS, sure. I'm also sure that about 80% of those players would swap out a box ISS for an active player quickly. Not to mention the huge gap in demand at the end game, particularly PVP.
  14. Been a good few months so decided to go all out for this event. Dropped a significant chunk of change on tickets to take my gamble. I won't go into specifics but think mortgage payment type money. Pretty sure best reward I received was maybe a Talisman of Longing. Or maybe the low grade Taurus.. Now, I pretty much knew what I was getting into. Seems the odds haven't changed since they used to do this type of event on a website portal (GoD). Doesn't change the fact that these odds are something else, almost soul crushing. Now, just left with a bitter taste in your mouth
  15. https://www.lineage2.com/news/fortune-reading-game-2019 For those curious of the event mechanics.. Kind of ridiculous it's taking this long to post official event page. Just coincide these rules with Jujis' list posted here in thread. Just bump up the participation lv to 95 and they should be about the same. Again, with the updated reward list.
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