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Lineage 2 weteran wanna Black to game plz help


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Hello, I will tell you my story at the beginning And in the end I will ask questions I will be very grateful for your help. So we start. I am a veteran of lineage 2 now I am 29 years old and lost in l2 practically all my youth, a year ago I decided to go back to l2 on priv servers to feel this beautiful unique atmosphere again and it was unpleasant experience because all privy after month ended up in the game were mainly running after the giran bots. I tried to play for a year in Wowa but it is not the same. Yesterday I decided to go back to l2 this time on l2 classic (server Giran) and now my questions sound

Is in 2019 it makes sense to play in l2 I know that it will not be the same atmosphere anymore but I want to play a casual spoil or OL and enjoy a quiet game

Is there any online on the official or will I play alone with bots?
3. Is there any alternative if it does not make sense to play in l2 I was thinking about * Black Desert from what I know pvp there is a similar guild wars 2 (but it probably looks more like Wowa)
I do not hide that the biggest fun will give me l2 on Off, but is it worth the play? Are there any more people there (or just survivors) And maybe there is a new server on Offie soon and you have some information.
I am asking for serious, honest answers, I will be very grateful for your help. greetings
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Hi and maybe welcome back,

Right now the situation is bad, most players quiting and the ones that start new are frustratet fast.
All i can say give it a try. but choose your class wise and creat supports if you choose DD to avoid doing nothing becouse nobody is in your LvL range or online.
If u dont make use of event lootboxes in L2store and avoid invest cash at all you cant lose.

Gl and have fun

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