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Weapon/Armor Enhancement Stones


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Each instance consists of 6 rooms: Monsters dwell in 5 rooms, and you have to complete a specific quest to move further, and in room 6 you’ll find the boss.

The instance difficulty is defined at random when you enter. Depending on the difficulty, different bosses appear in the last room of the dungeon. There’ll be common bosses in the rooms and up to 8 strong bosses: Halisha's Officer, Halisha's Executioner, Halisha's Foreman and Halisha's Archon.

After you’ve defeated the final boss in the Tomb, you’ll see Halisha's Chest (common dungeon) or Halisha's Chest + Halisha's Treasure Chest (unstable dungeon). You can get only one reward from each chest.

From Halisha's Chest you can get adena, Gemstones grade A, Armor/Weapon Enhancement Stones, pages 1 and 2 of Forgotten Manuscripts and their pieces as well.
From Halisha's Treasure Chest you can get adena, chests with grade A weapon and armor, Enchant Scrolls for grade A weapon and armor, resources for crafting items grade S, Life Stone for augmenting weapon grade S.

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