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  1. This Cake won't die..

    different spots is more welcome I think that is not much to ask
  2. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    last year same event on Live server and the raid boss also in elven village but is was outside of safe zone unlike we have now unlimited clients last year even it lagged out it was bearable.
  3. Ultimate Disaster for 15th mark of I understand your team took it longer than any region to give us this events after fixing stuffs and it still behaving like this because you removed the client limit. My opinion is like a few suggested can you please put Cake raid boss to a few location so we do not feel lag too much and can move to NPC for 10 minutes window to claim reward?
  4. I agree, this game do not deserve to be put inside an expensive m2 or other stuff out there so advance usb3 will do the trick as well and if you dont like the game just throw the usb thing out
  5. RETURNED and completely lost

    check class discussion, feoh gl or just uninstalled the game and move on
  6. Problem in textures

    check graphic card driver this game best for potato pc and crap card will do the trick with outdated softwares and stuff
  7. after you finish 85 then make new one or make 6 more accounts with different classes as you wish at same time to get all them to 85 normally make 1 buffer and another 1 healer and others up to your liking then you can go auto farm with full party in silent valley when they fix quest for adventurer newbie visit herpah in aden to get quest line and finish all for 7 or 14 of your characters and make gemstone powder 31 of them and trade for ruby or sapphire lvl3 or anything you like at shadai in heine or u can sell it for adena rinse and repeat till you find another fun thing or new game
  8. think its not a dude
  9. Down lever and lost skill??

    sharing account is violated the EULA but in this server everything seems to work just fine
  10. Path of the Assassin

    path of sin is blocked now
  11. moon knight quest to know

    make new char on the same account level it to 19 just with 2 easy quest so fast it get done use dimensional merchant icon on top of your bag icon well u need like 4000 adena for 4 pieces transfer it to your said char that dont have the armor make sure u pick the right type for your desired armor done gl
  12. Wynn class suggestion

    finally we got some boost and grateful for that hoping in near future updates will be more and more boost for us
  13. Paulina Weapon Atrribute

    before it was holy attribute? or not well all class got the same wind attribute, but its free
  14. More Waters to FISH

    there should be afew places with little lake or pond outside of safe zone where you can fish like fellmere lake