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  1. JadeCurtis server - Giran morning walk with my skeleton
  2. why classic server with ranking system did not have this problem unlike live server? weird is it
  3. 4786xp is total xp you got included bonus 1698xp so easy for you to check the bonus xp you get not just rune 50% xp maybe others including clan xp bonus, blessing xp bonus and so on try 1 char without clan and without rune xp u can see it will says total xp and 0 bonus
  4. juji, please take a look at auto heal potion feature. I think it might be related to latency problem
  5. D grade kamael exclusive i see in aden npc weapon merchant B and above i think from crafting and raid boss like other types of weapon
  6. Each instance consists of 6 rooms: Monsters dwell in 5 rooms, and you have to complete a specific quest to move further, and in room 6 you’ll find the boss. The instance difficulty is defined at random when you enter. Depending on the difficulty, different bosses appear in the last room of the dungeon. There’ll be common bosses in the rooms and up to 8 strong bosses: Halisha's Officer, Halisha's Executioner, Halisha's Foreman and Halisha's Archon. After you’ve defeated the final boss in the Tomb, you’ll see Halisha's Chest (common dungeon) or Halisha's Chest + Halisha's Treasure Ches
  7. i think it drop from mobs inside imperial tomb
  8. can we keep the XP Scroll and it will not be deleted after the event?
  9. i got much less on Naia, less than 1b from 99-101 if you can find cheap price that is
  10. well you can tie the Cake Raid exp to Anniversary Gift Box once per day for 1 account that compensate the missing event if its possible to do so before this weekly maintenance
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