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"Manner" system doesn't function properly within a group.  With the way "Manner On" is current designed the "Assist" Action is useless. Characters can't assist each other while using the Manners system, so they have to leave it off to work as a group.

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On 8/1/2019 at 10:51 PM, Althar said:

Why does "Manner mode" sound like something that can be toggled on/off...

Called it in the update thread.

Should have never been an option, should be how the system always works.

It's freaking kill stealing NC, what the shit were you guys thinking when you made this?

"So I'm going to leave 20$ on the counter, you can either steal it, or not steal it. There will be no consequences either way".

Did you really expect everyone would follow the "honor system" crap and that it would work out? Please...

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