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Lighthing Force do not trigger


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As written in the tittle, there should be a 30% chance to trigger lighthing force during normal attack based on the passive Superior Momentum Mastery.

After checking for a while i did not see the buff Lighthing force being active, a buff that should be up most of the time.

The tyrs really need this skill working to deal damage. Please check


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yes in patch notes is exactly written : 

Lightning Force Changed to Always Passive


but what that means ?? superior momentum mastery, pasive skill where skill lightening force 1-3 come from, have still same description : 

30% chance of triggering Lightning Force during a normal attack. Additionally receives the Power of Force and increases P. Atk. by 30% and Speed by 10.

So no changes after update in description, so HOW we can actualy know, if its still working like old lightening force dmg boost or not ? if i simple open character status in game and watching p.atack which may be increased in triger lightening force, happen is nothink. Just 0 p.atack increasing. So anyway looks like didnt work anyway.



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Honestly, after update my DMG is 200% worse than before, i did kama + Gludio yesterday and it was really shock how low titan dmg became.

usually it takes me less than 8 min to finish kama and 15 for Gludio, but yesterday kama 20 min, Gludio 45 min

Explanation and solution plz

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