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  1. +12 Armor Sets: Why the Big Deal?

    is to get a +10 upgraded armor only. there isnt any skill because your set is +12

    Yea, i asked the same a few weeks ago until i read well the patch notes and found that. It is on all the time the boost on Patak
  3. Is a skill of the new cursed sword system. it sends all the players to the city (yea it is really something!)
  4. Ork Dominator

    Question, maybe you go the info. I read that all the 101 buff change in that update (when they add CoV). do you know if song of assault can still be used together with PoM/Bison/CoV?
  5. Manner mode and party

    I know, in the past it was fun, and one would pvp for xp spot, raids, or for the honor! I did it only by curiosity. sometimes when i need to do faction quest, i use auto nextarget to avoid using next target all the time (lazy) and observed that. It is true that it should be disabled in party as @Draecke said, or at least if party have more than 3 members for example (so you can play your DD, iss and another toon you want in macro)
  6. how i feel

    Translation (not literal) Hi, about kama i noticed that the attack speed bug have a big impact. On my 103 wynn i can solo kama (with 2 iss for PoM and angel touch) in about 4 to 6 min, 4 if i use ice rose or a feoh with elemental debuff. Now with the attack speed bug kama takes more than 13 min (is a lot of time compared with normal gameplay) About magic circle, the mobs are harder but the exp is way higher than before (maybe 10 times, i do not remember the exp). So playing in party there give nice exp. My recommendation is to use the short option in the auto next-target to avoid being pulled far from the party when someone intentionally move a mob. bloody+blazing replaced magic circle on the last update (exp wise) Sadly the game requiere a lot of attribute attack to do something, and a lot of attribute defense to do not die in 3 hits (maybe all the game is becoming a r110 game...)
  7. Attack Attribute Question

    Fantasy Harmony lvl 2, all iss have that one in lvl 103 (using 8 rune stones hehe) I have long + 7s (50 attribute attack) and the attack atribute artifact (+30) you can buy in giran + the ones you allready said (instead of +1 divine attack on ap i have +3 on wizard path of attribute, but this is because of my low lvl and my class). As @mixa said, maybe @Juji can give us a little more info about this.
  8. New Class ?

    Is for the classic If you check the updates for what it is our live server, a change in the mentor system was add, with 105 being the mentor level instead of 85. And several changes to the craft system. Because i used google translator to read idk how well the traslation was. Maybe someone with more knowledge could check the lastest updates
  9. I think the idea of manner mode to avoid ks mobs of others while you macro is nice to promote a pseudo fair play but... why work with the party members to? I do not know if i am the onlyone that have it usually active, and only tested a few times, but that was allways the case pt member hit a mob 1 time (imagine your iss) before the dd, and the damage dealers do not target that mob with autotarget if the manner mode is on. Maybe is something wrong with my toons, or with the high latency/delay/attack speed bug or whatever is called. but i think that manner mode working inside a party is not the best idea one could have designed
  10. Attack Attribute Question

    I think now you need more attack attribute to get the extra 1% damage. I have permanent no buffed more than 500 and only see a real increase in damage when i pass the 600 approx. But i have not tested really. My advice is try to lvl a iss to 103 now to get the extra 100 attribute damage for "free" in case you do not have.
  11. Hero shout solution

    I just block them all...
  12. Lag Issues

    High lag and slower attack speed on physical attacks (on my feoh i see the same casting speed) I think they should keep a limit por pc (if ppl qq for 3, then make it 5. but no limit is crazy)
  13. Lighthing Force do not trigger

    nevermind... is allways pasive...Lightning Force Changed to Always Passive Should have read well the patch notes. Delete or close the post PLZ
  14. As written in the tittle, there should be a 30% chance to trigger lighthing force during normal attack based on the passive Superior Momentum Mastery. After checking for a while i did not see the buff Lighthing force being active, a buff that should be up most of the time. The tyrs really need this skill working to deal damage. Please check

    This topic has been discussed several times i think The skill sharing equipment works with the PVE/PVP effect of the items. You will see more damage if your weapon have this attributes (example bloody +15% pve damage) On the next topic you will see @Quenia reply to this question https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2574-doubt-about-sharing-equipment/ Sadly augument effects are not passed by this skill