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  1. The game now need most of the item to be able to kill any mob close to your lvl. each update you have been adding new items that break the game (and with your rates of getting those items) and you have been adjusting the normal mobs attack and defense to having those items that probably only 3% of the server have. It is time to put the brooch jewlery box in the mammon, let the price drop (did you see that in naia a ruby 5 is over 200b????, ruby 5 is not even a end game item... it is a mid gear one for how the game is now) I really hope you add this function because the only thing i s
  2. Maerwen

    Returning now.

    I changed class on this red libra. Was wynn since god times (with a lots of summons), then saw the number of summons reduced (while the attack increased), in must updates wynns ended up being less than before. I had all skills more than +10, all augument for wynn (pcrit damage), all rune stone skills and still changed class to (obviously) Yul in the hope they nerf yul as i play it now haha. Most class can see the benefits of the extra items, while summon only truly see benefits of buff. because the game is item based, the class always will be behin the others...
  3. But you kill a few mobs (really a few mobs) and your reputation go to 0. that is something that many exploit, because you end red only a few seconds so even if you are show in the map, probably you will be out of the red when someone reach the place
  4. Regarding the PK system, i think it should be harder to remove the pk. Now, if you kill 3/4 mobs you get the pk removed. This is greatly exploited by many players to get "xp spots" because in a few mobs they get clean name. I think it should be a amount of exp and a number of mobs to remove the pk. not only exp or number of mobs. The higher the pk count, the higher the xp and mobs you need to remove the pk, that way if you abuse the system there will be a time were you will not be able to exp something like this: 1/5 pk xp (like now) 300 mobs 6/10 pk 2xp 600 mobs
  5. I ask the same, it is intended? it was unannounced. it is a translation error or it is working that way?
  6. Now with the last update you can get 16 rune stones for free between main and dual at 105. is good to have a iss with harmony lvl 2 and 101 skill up. the best alt you can have
  7. The game now is macro based and auto hunt (if you played bartz, i think autohunt was not implemented) My advice is DO NOT PLAY summon. the class is not worth now, and the game is made for AOE damage (Yul or Feoh) or some tyr (Evisc, GK or titan). To make the summon attack, you need to summon, double click on them and choose the summon attack command (there is an icon) In macro you use the macro /summonattack
  8. Just now more than half naia got dc
  9. Hi there, A few days ago i saw a new update and decided to give a chance to the game again. Currently i am choosing the toon i will play, and i am seeking advice of those that still play the game First is the one it was my main for several years, but the main is ugly (Wynn) with dual tyr dread. The second option is an Evisc. On my wynn/dread i have the following non tradeable items: Evolved agathion lvl 1 Emerald 4 44 immortal scrolls to enchant skills +7 elmore cloak (non leg) active augument of pcrit damage brillant broch (i think it was
  10. The exp ratio lower a lot if you do not gather the mobs in one spot. So if you have any exp rune or any exp timed pot you lose exp because of that. If they made all other AOE skills working to not autoflag, leaving this ones like this is non-sense and leave an exploit
  11. I keep seeing a lot how players abuse auto flag of tank aoe agro (any variant) and feoh shadow snare just to farm pvp points This is generally done in 2 cases: - To kill afk ppl and farm pvp points - To force flag low lvl partys (seeing a lot of 110+ flaging low lvl parties exping in 105 areas) All of the other skill now do not flag, but they leave those there
  12. I think they should give back the runestones and the items used to enchant the skills when you change class. To little to late for me. i have a wynn as main class and every single update they get worse. I think they should just delete those class because they do not have the ability to make it a playable class
  13. 400 queue on naia, probably 3 hours to get in the game Got dc several time since yesterday after maintaince, idk what did you do with the "rollback" but before the server was not so unstable. Between yesterday and last night there are already more than 16 hours lost on exp items such as runes. If the server keep working like this, you will need to think on make the runes loss time only when the account is online in the game. The prices of the stuff on the ncstore are not cheap, and you are making it imposible to be used ingame Hope you can trully rollback, and not a
  14. I usually saw that on many events, on the start of the event or on weekends a higher chance to get something. Still, it is my inner cosmpiracy theorist talking hahaha
  15. I did not missed that. Quoting myself: "I must say that is nice to see a event that is not full of gambling." Yea it have gambling, yea, they abuse that and should be subject to gambling laws, but at least this time you can actually buy game items with the money you spend not a full box for nothing. (i will not buy because the game doesnt work as i want it, and for me is really expensive)
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