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  1. Main class change

    I think they should give back the runestones and the items used to enchant the skills when you change class. To little to late for me. i have a wynn as main class and every single update they get worse. I think they should just delete those class because they do not have the ability to make it a playable class
  2. 400 queue on naia, probably 3 hours to get in the game Got dc several time since yesterday after maintaince, idk what did you do with the "rollback" but before the server was not so unstable. Between yesterday and last night there are already more than 16 hours lost on exp items such as runes. If the server keep working like this, you will need to think on make the runes loss time only when the account is online in the game. The prices of the stuff on the ncstore are not cheap, and you are making it imposible to be used ingame Hope you can trully rollback, and not apply a ninja patch sended by the office on korea that usually break everything
  3. I usually saw that on many events, on the start of the event or on weekends a higher chance to get something. Still, it is my inner cosmpiracy theorist talking hahaha
  4. I did not missed that. Quoting myself: "I must say that is nice to see a event that is not full of gambling." Yea it have gambling, yea, they abuse that and should be subject to gambling laws, but at least this time you can actually buy game items with the money you spend not a full box for nothing. (i will not buy because the game doesnt work as i want it, and for me is really expensive)
  5. I must say that is nice to see a event that is not full of gambling. Clear prices for stuff you really get. Ofc, the values of the items do not represent the game economy and will probably cause chaos, but is way better than full gambling abuse. I think gambling in game should be checked by law, (subject to tax, so they stop doing those box for nothing event haha) The event prices are usualy crazy expensive for me, but if the staff keep using those prices is probably because they know that they are making more money with a few that expend a lot, than a lot that expend little money. Sadly for me the lag and constant dc made the game unplayable. will see if after this update i can play
  6. true! L2 is not a grind game anymore, it is a gacha game (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gacha_game). Just log open box, cry a little, expend more. Only to say something to contribute, I think that party bonous should be only with 7 pt memebers, similar to old auras bonus. 7 party members of different class you get 100% exp per mob. that way the party will not be made full of yuls or feohs. any less than that and you get bad exp
  7. MP regeneration in Hunting zones

    I saw that, and in game several players told me to remake the party. It is weird but usually works. If not, then you are killing in a zone were you do to litle damage
  8. Homunculus - wynns forgotten yet again

    Sadly wynns have been left out of the game since several updates now. I stoped playing main and lvl up dual dread (because i use the same dual skill than for wynn on that one) but the game have been adding items that break the game in ways i just can not describe. Most of those items only work for some class, yul in most cases, feoh in others. The biggest problem is that items transfer a really small value to the summons (usually 15% or less) of the stats that matters (usually crit damage). I play wynn since 2012 (god launch) and only saw how they nerf the class in most of the updates. Wynn is a bad class for the server, because it is easy to set up as macro, and generate 3 shots use per wynn loged (or at least 2 attack from summon and a mark skill from summoner), so it probably just generate a lot of server movement for all the many boxed wynn out there in macro Currently, I only log to fish and make some adena, so in a few years buy some item that increase my damage The brooch system keep getting updates, but with how the system work on na servers there is no logical way to get the new jewlery that could help a wynn (greater ruby and greater opal) The game now is: - Random boxie event to get nothing - Leave in macro if you do not get dc. Instances, timezones areas are for aoe mostly, so... just do not play wynn. - Random boxie event again, to get less than nothing if possible They have destroyed that class, they should give stone of destiny and just delete the wynn class
  9. Love it, the Lil Juju almost look like jumping out from the dwarfie head hehehe. The scenery is really nice to Of the winners ones, I like mini and lunastriel pics,
  10. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    After a "smart patch" of 2 weeks ago that did not add anything to the game, a network.log file was created that could go to the gb if you were online often... Mass dc all the time that made the game unplayable In my case i just stoped playing, and just log to test if i get dc after 1 hour of gamepaly (usually fishing because there is not a lot to do more than macro macro macro) Sadly i already lost more than 2 weeks of several 30-days items. But i will not waste anything anymore until the dc and attack speed bug are fixed. Have fun, happy play, good luck
  11. Yea, i know this will produce a lot of hate but... With the issues the server have with queue of 500 ppl at some hours, attack speed latency on melee toons, you could implement a max of 3 account per IP. For what i know in the ncwest region there are no coffe rooms or similar with many real players loged from one IP. If you go to the normal open areas to lvl you will probably find many partys with toons with almost the same name and a number at the end. This partys are - someone with many pc in his house that log a lot of macro toons all day - someone that bypass your 3 clients per pc restriction - someone worst than that (check some tanks on magic circle that move on the same coordinates 24 hours a day... weird werid!!!!) So, you could give it a try on a restriction of 3 account online per ip.
  12. I think the same, it is not an issue of the top players of the server, and they do not deserve to be trashtalked because of this there make no sense the low chance to get this items in how the game is working now. You introduced the improved rune stone, that should bring to a change on how the normal rune stones are obtained. I do not mean to be free, but the price range should be 40kk so the new players. I know that ncwest cant make changes to the game, and only do small changes to the ncshop. Rune stones and beginer inspiration book could be a oly reward, ncstore item (for coins, not hero coins) or something similar to those. The server is having a lot of issues because of the number of player loged, and the only way to get runestone is to log 14 toons between 5 ppl. That is not smart.... (i would love to see a 3 ip account limit and if you want more you pay to log more accounts, but well, that is dreamland haha)
  13. List of goods in short supply

    A few things (sorry for my english) I am a old player, my toons are in the game since 2012. Not the most veteran, not the most new. just in the middle, at the start of f2p. I had my fun on farming istina/ballok/octavis/tauti with my cp, a long time ago. Now if you get dc inside ballok with any of your toons you can losse the one that do damage and cant relog because of queue. I have been on sieges, on mass pvp, compited on olys on old bartz with my wynn and all the fun things of What i say for the runes is not for me, my toons have all the skills learned (well, my dread now got a new skill so i should buy the runes). It is for anyone that want to start the game. to me the use of rune stones for skills 97/99/101/103 is a design flaw on the gameplay. But the ncwest dev cannot make changes on that. That is the cause i ask it to be put in shop. TO HELP NEW PLAYERS. In my case, i just do IT with my clanies because of the exp and the box with the adena, and let only one of my toons fishing to make more adena. I can slowly gear me up, but the newbies do not have a fancy rod or gear to pass from one toon another to kill faster the instances I second the need of separated hunting zones (idk why they made it like open field instead of instance. maybe easy to code the charge per minute) You say this is a game where do you pvp all time, well now it really is (or a macro game or a gacha game idk). it was not like that (have you tried to lvl up a toon in C1-C4 chronicles?) there was a lot of real farming in party there, hell even selling buff for adena.
  14. List of goods in short supply

    My comment is about rune stone only, i think the option the lvl of the item, and the option you have to get that item do not match. 25 hero coin should be the value of the new rune stone, not the ones needed to learn skills of lvl 99/101/103. You are telling me that there is logic in log 14 accounts between 5 ppl to farm 2 runestones per week. so we are promoting to log account when there are queue all days of the week. My issue with the runestones is the price vs the time a player need it. Until 105 you are a mentee, so why do you ask a high ammount of this item with a crazy game price.It is a flaw on the gameplay design, they should remove the need of runestones on lvl 99/103. But we know that ncwest cannot modify this, so the only feasible option we have is to ask @Juji or @Hime to add this item to any of the in gameshop. 25 hero coins should be the price of the new rune, not a old item that you need on your MENTEE lvl. this is good for the new players, old ones should have the skill already learned and do not care about this. On the other items i think the same, there are logical ways to get them. Bloody stones should not be on ncstore but it would be nice to see it on oly shop at a high mark of battle price.

    stage 2 is pretty good (if homu is luminus you get con/men/luck +3) cha is a non factor compared to other stats...