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  1. Dual class Rogue

    First, my reply is about PVE, not pvp. On the first post he asked about "Is it good for late game the assassin, in terms of pve cuz pvp i know its good". My reply is about that sentence. My reply do not speak about pvp because he told that he know about that. Second, your comment about wynn was wrong, because of that i clarified what i know about a class which i have been using for pve and pvp (pvp on bartz and zaken times, not know). If you read, my comment about tyr dread is vs wynn with exactly same gear, augument, pasives etc. Not again othel. I only compare both of them because i can exactly compare them with the same gear (both class with bloody weapon +12 3 SA, same augument, active crit damave buff and elmore cloak buff). He asked about which to get as a dual class, dagger/archer/summoner? which of the daggers (de, elf. human or dwarf, im erthia race btw) and if summoner which of the three cats, ponnies or reapers? Third, about othel i said only that is a really fun class to play, hell if i have to choose any class to play pvp, for the fun of it i will play othel. But that was not the question of najngeg2019. I never said anything bad about the class. My clarification is about how Ncsoft have made the game a AOE game to farm incredible amounts of exp per minute compared to kill 1 mob at time. You cannot denny that per hour a full aoe party will get allways more exp than a full 1 target party if the gear is similar. Next time you decide to trastalk another comunity member, be sure to read what the other member wrote... Have fun and happy hunting
  2. dual class

    I think in the damage area Spectral master and Elemental master are better than arcana lord. If you have questions about AP skill tree and jewlery, and weapons, @Quenia replies on this post are really good https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13540-ap-setup-em/?do=findComment&comment=96687
  3. Dual class Rogue

    Sadly the game as is now is for Yul, Feohs, and some tyrs (GK, Titan, Evisc). All the other class exist because they were there before... Othel is a really fun class to play, spamming skills like crazy and if you are lucky giving some lethals on pvp. I have a dwarfie 105 (sadly spoil is useless now...) and i am currently lvling a othel windrider (main yul). If you do enought half kills and you are smart where you kill, you can solo pretty nice with that class (do not hope to be better than feoh or yul in exp per hour, the game have been going from normal farming to macro aoe farming) My main is a wynn toon since GoD, so i will give my 50 cents about that class With wynn is easy to go from 85 to 105, but after that idk (currently i am only 106 on main). the sad part is that after 103 the damage on wynn dont scale like other class (for example i am tyr dread on dual class, and my damage of 105 as tyr dread is higher than wynn damage under same buff/debuff), the nice part is that if you combine some buff your servitors hits like a raidboss (it is easy to reach more than 700 attack atribute on servitors with the right buffs) As a comment, crit damage % of accesories pass to summons (just not all of that bonus, 15% of all your P. Critical Damage bonus when you use your ultimate servitor share skill). About wynn class, i would advice against the arcana lord (cat one) because the buff give attack speed, and is really easy to get close 1500 attack speed without that buff. If you go to wynn summoner, my advice is to follow Quenia recommendations of this post: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13540-ap-setup-em/?do=findComment&comment=108645
  4. Test 2 , Fortune Reading ,profit!

    In the first one of your blessing r99 you got the same 16 items than me hahaha. That does not look random The lvl 10 soul crystal is the best one? i think that profit wise is really lower compared to the previous version of the event (agathions and boss jewlery are rare now, on the first time agathions were introduced with fortune you got 1 agathion each 32 coupon at least)
  5. Test of Fortune Reading event

    I had a little more luck, used 16 coupons and got bless r99, 2 agathion low lvl, 1 elcyum and 2 runestones Still i think that this kind of events should give as rewards items that at least give as value 1.5kk of adena per Nc coins. i do not understand why the royal card (16 coupon) can give you Deton's Purple Potion. that item is really bad for 16 expended coupons... Bottle of (...) God's Soul should give at least 10 of each.... Destruction Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-Grade) Should be in normal one, not royal one... and normal ones: Gran Kain's Miraculous Medicine x10 REALLY!!!! THAT THING!!!! NOBODY WANT AND NOBODY NEED THAT ITEM, STOP ADDING THAT ITEMS IN EVERY SINGLE EVENT... Freya's Scroll of Storm, only one, really???? I do not say to break the game market flooding with items (like you usually do with artifact event and life stone instiled with giant and kain lvl 8 crystal) but at least give something that is worth the money all the time. Sorry for my english, tired, lazy and angry...
  6. Dark Crusader Translation

    I do not know if is a bug of work as intended On Wynn Spectral Master after lvl 105 or 106 the summoned pet dark crusader start to being called "Soul specter" instead of dark crusader
  7. +12 Armor Sets: Why the Big Deal?

    is to get a +10 upgraded armor only. there isnt any skill because your set is +12

    Yea, i asked the same a few weeks ago until i read well the patch notes and found that. It is on all the time the boost on Patak
  9. Is a skill of the new cursed sword system. it sends all the players to the city (yea it is really something!)
  10. Ork Dominator

    Question, maybe you go the info. I read that all the 101 buff change in that update (when they add CoV). do you know if song of assault can still be used together with PoM/Bison/CoV?
  11. Manner mode and party

    I know, in the past it was fun, and one would pvp for xp spot, raids, or for the honor! I did it only by curiosity. sometimes when i need to do faction quest, i use auto nextarget to avoid using next target all the time (lazy) and observed that. It is true that it should be disabled in party as @Draecke said, or at least if party have more than 3 members for example (so you can play your DD, iss and another toon you want in macro)
  12. how i feel

    Translation (not literal) Hi, about kama i noticed that the attack speed bug have a big impact. On my 103 wynn i can solo kama (with 2 iss for PoM and angel touch) in about 4 to 6 min, 4 if i use ice rose or a feoh with elemental debuff. Now with the attack speed bug kama takes more than 13 min (is a lot of time compared with normal gameplay) About magic circle, the mobs are harder but the exp is way higher than before (maybe 10 times, i do not remember the exp). So playing in party there give nice exp. My recommendation is to use the short option in the auto next-target to avoid being pulled far from the party when someone intentionally move a mob. bloody+blazing replaced magic circle on the last update (exp wise) Sadly the game requiere a lot of attribute attack to do something, and a lot of attribute defense to do not die in 3 hits (maybe all the game is becoming a r110 game...)
  13. Attack Attribute Question

    Fantasy Harmony lvl 2, all iss have that one in lvl 103 (using 8 rune stones hehe) I have long + 7s (50 attribute attack) and the attack atribute artifact (+30) you can buy in giran + the ones you allready said (instead of +1 divine attack on ap i have +3 on wizard path of attribute, but this is because of my low lvl and my class). As @mixa said, maybe @Juji can give us a little more info about this.
  14. New Class ?

    Is for the classic If you check the updates for what it is our live server, a change in the mentor system was add, with 105 being the mentor level instead of 85. And several changes to the craft system. Because i used google translator to read idk how well the traslation was. Maybe someone with more knowledge could check the lastest updates
  15. I think the idea of manner mode to avoid ks mobs of others while you macro is nice to promote a pseudo fair play but... why work with the party members to? I do not know if i am the onlyone that have it usually active, and only tested a few times, but that was allways the case pt member hit a mob 1 time (imagine your iss) before the dd, and the damage dealers do not target that mob with autotarget if the manner mode is on. Maybe is something wrong with my toons, or with the high latency/delay/attack speed bug or whatever is called. but i think that manner mode working inside a party is not the best idea one could have designed