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Too many elemental summoner bots


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Dear Gms!

Do something with this crazy amount pony summoner bots,please. They are bots/scripts/walkers/anykind of 3rd program i don't know, but i'm sure not macros (come back if they die, never leave a range, auto heal, auto buff etc.) Really hard to find a place where i can use my macro party for lvl up and the worst thing, if i find a spot in 30 minutes 1-6 bots appear... and the bot master with pk character also come soon...This make the farming and lvling closely to impossible in this times. I know Pk is a part of the game, but adena farming with bot isn't. They broke the joy of the game for the honest players.

Thank you, best regards^_^

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They probably only need to ip ban a couple people too as one person can be botting 30-60+ accounts quite easily. It's definitely out of line when these botters pk to protect their turf and even worse for high level stuff that players actually need. 

I suggest you all start taking screenshots. Have some actual proof. Screenshot the red chars so people can clearly see the character name and location and report the specific pk character. It's the pk that starts to get frustrating over the bots and I imagine it's a little harder to maintain a dedicated pk character over making new bot characters. 

Submit a ticket over just making forum posts and maybe try to rally a community effort. I think it's only a handful of players. Even just one or two "bigshots" could make a big impact. These are the ones that are completely dedicated on adena farming and probably even rely on it as a living so they have something at stake. Point being it only takes one person to be a menace on ALL servers. 

For instance, there is someone with a character with "spy" in it like "AdenSpy". One for every server probably. This is most likely controlled by one guy and maybe some affiliates. Someone this dedicated to monitor and control the economy of every server is also most likely behind a significant amount of bots. Kind of like going for the kingpin rather than small time dealers.

Bot names also have character. Some bots seemed to be named after tv shows and some are more generic like "name1,2,3". This also gives you an idea that these group of bots are run by different people, but identify by whom. 

Be specific. Take screenshots and gather clear evidence. Just imagine taking out one guy running 60 bots would do for a server. 

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well they wont so anything, unless the players doo ...

we can stop playing here, and go to any free server where l2 is l2 ...

or we all can unit and start pking those bots over and over again, and start to protect even this bot killers

but humans are to greedy to do so.....


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