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How can you even progress in this game?


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How are you suppose to progress past even the 50s in this game if you weren't playing from launch? 

I have always been baffled with this chicken and egg question when everyone always says just buy items. This game is entirely player driven. You can't do raids without gear and players. You can't reliably get gear without players spoiling, farming and crafting. Drops rates this low means you need a healthy and active population for the LEVEL RANGE. When the only players left are 70-80+ and you missed the initial launch wave, what are you supposed to even do? 

The only thing being sold now is Bluewolf gear. B grade is the minimum. You can't honestly expect someone to just jump into b grade do you? You can't expect someone to farm even 50s in moon armor? Of course it's impossible to farm adena on your way up because this game is designed to barely cover ss costs from just 40s. Why do you insist on rushing players to 55+ in a difficult game like this? You literally encourage players to buy adena from third parties and not necessarily from your own store. At this point you need to reasonably sell actual weapons in the store and not just temporary ones. Sell top d (real top d) - mid c weapons. PERMANENT ones because there are not enough players to support this game. You can't buy items when they don't exist at all.  

I have intentionally stopped leveling past 50s. I have intentionally stopped doing fom dailies because I can clearly see there is no point in just rushing levels only to be truly stranded in a level range where I can't farm any mob at all. This is exactly what happened to me when I recently made a new char on live. Rush to 100 in a day and you can't even farm even level mobs. You keep selling TEMPORARY weapons, but this strategy does not create RETENTION. 

Can we have an honest discussion here? Juji? Devs? I'm more than happy spending some money on a game that I enjoy. I understand there are costs. When the game is UNPLAYABLE, it's frustrating and stops me from spending any more money. There has to be some reasonable balance here. 

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Siple solution for this could be by changing  npc's stores like it was on high five.      You could buy up to top C from stores and low B/A  from luxury shop.  after all changes that have been made on classic, I think this onw wouldn' hurt at all.

New players could keeping farming adena from RoA until have enough to buy c grade from stores. B|

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