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Returning player, Gear question


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Hi all


My old main chars are a lvl 99 tyrr/tank and my wife has a lvl 97 ISS/tank . Both are wearing R95 +3 120resist  armor and weapon 300, normal jewelry and i own around 5billion adena to upgrade chars to do PVE ONLY. 

I came back to game last week and already made a few lvl 97 chars with paulinas gear on separate accounts for support/extra dmg with the new auto attack system.

Is it possible to do lvl 100+ zones with a 5 man party  with this gear or do I need R99 gear/weapon  or higher  on all chars?  

I was thinking to buy an R99 heavy armor for my tank ( does it need to be 120 resist or +6? ) and pass the old R95 to support chars. Would I also need new weapon/armor on ISS, TYR,FEOH and DAGGER chars? Adena is very limited and I havent found any way to make adena ingame yet.

Thanks for answer.

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focus your DD's equips like weaps, armor can be a later stuff since u got tank, creation is good if u can gather adena to get a enhanced shadow should be great for farming up to Tanor, for the tank i recommend White Elf class, when u get to 105 and have dyes u can tank pretty much anywhere up to lvl 105, u need dual class at leas 101 for certify, iss i recommend POM, the human iss, tyrr dread or titan should be nice to aoe or single target damage, feoh storm screamer should give a nice damage even wearing paullina's a some crowd control for your party, i would rec a healer too, but thats up to you, you can pretty much survive with a iss a tanker and a DD( sorry about any english words i miss used not used to write in english anymore

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