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halloven event questions for the admins/GM´s


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iam talking about the halloveen event we get today .....

we get a bunch of nothing, and  only 2 buffs   .....no items, no adena, no nothing .. only 2 buffs from an NPC

and boosted server settings till 13 november ....since we have 0.25 rates on classic this server boosts are not even worth the time to login.

so again an event where we get nothing than a facepalm from ncsoft

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it has nothing to do with bejelous ....if u take a clolser look to the patchnotes, they even removed 90% of adena reward quests ...where u could farm items and trade them for adena ....basicaly its a nerf to adena flow of the classic server ...

ironic mode on :

maybe they remove in a further update adena dropps aswell from any mob and selling items to npcs wont give adena any more too than ..

ironic mode off

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