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PoM bugged?


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So yesterday did quite a bit of hunting. Noticed some of the time I was missing Prophecy of Might while doing some auto hunting. ISS is generally on macro and auto buff so I watched it for a bit this morning still perplexed as to why I wasn't receiving PoM when the macro was clearly running.


Now, I didn't see anything in the patch notes about changes to PoM cast mechanics but we all know how NCWest likes to hide some changes so really unsure if this is as intended or not.


Basically, now if you're out of range to cast PoM, it won't cast. Giving you the prompt in system window, "The distance is too far and so the casting has been stopped."

Where in the past, had you attempted to cast it from out of it's range (measly 400) the ISS would close the distance needed then proceed to cast.

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