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Joining a Clan \ CP


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Can someone explain the process of joining a clan in L2 2018? 

 I have 3 applications for the last 3 weeks and not a single PM or "Mail" back. And before the troll post come in saying "Maybe your not good enough" I was asked to join these clans and apply for them. Secondly if they changed there mind and dont want me in clan anymore they need to grow some balls and say so, not ignore PM's and mail. 

Thanks for letting me vent.



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Hello there!

It's not personal for sure, the problem with your application is simple: they never check that  in-game system.

The easiest way to join a clan is to pm the clan leader or maybe any clan member and ask the way to join.

Most of them just make a simple interview and ask who are you (new or old player, alt or main, etc) and why you wanna join.

Others has some level and/or gear min requeriment to join. This because if you are in a different level or gear of other members you will not be able to do stuffs together.

Finally, there's some clan that has a private forums and ask you to make an apply post.


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