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Live vs Classic? newbie friendly.


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Greetings fellow adventurers!

Lineage 2 live has gotten my interest lately, I am currently playing Lineage 2 classic and its fun but it has its downsides... I would love to know the community opinion on the following topics:
1. I find myself playing 7 clients at the same time, I don't really like the idea of having that many multiple clients opened at the same time. Is boxing as necessary in Live? would I be able to progress without the require of that many multiple running clients?
2. Basically as stated above, classic is full of parties which correspond only to one user, is LIVE any different? can I expect to find active parties looking for members to hunt, quest, instance etc? I really like the idea to play with others, each one fulfilling their roles , healer, buffer, tank , dps...etc, I want to enjoy hunting with others. I can't find myself doing so in classic.

3. ADENA SCARCITY, In classic you can't even afford your soulshots, Don't get me wrong, I am fine with paying real cash $ for extra benefits but not being able to even pay for your hunt is quite ridiculous. Is live any different?

Thank you all in advance... 

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5 hours ago, Manza said:

Thanks for your response! 

Do that means people are actively looking for groups and parties to hunt , quest and instance together?

 or is it pretty much dead.

Its not like the old days where you could just log in and jump in a party. not sure if that answers your question.

But if you play you will most likely make some friends and party with them over time.

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It all depends how much you are ready to spend, if you spend a lot of money you can buy good equipment and farm with just 1 client and buffs from l2 store.

If you want to spend the least amount of $ and use 3 clients to farm solo, you will need to invest around 300-400$ for start. That is assumption that you don't want to deal with trades and that you want to have fun from start . Out of those 300-400$ you will need around 200-250$ to buy +12 Bloody weapon with 3 SA without which you wont be able to farm alone properly and maybe 50-150$ more on items to keep your little group able to survive and farm efficiently.

Don't expect to get enough adena to buy shots and materials needed for daily farm (especially since they again "adjusted" adena drop rates, at least that's my experience) until at least 105 lvl (this also depends on your gear, worse gear means you will spend more shots to kill mobs)

You can get into groups with other people but they are not that often and you will have to start them by yourself most of the time and you should expect everyone to be afk in max 10 mins after they join

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