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  1. 1. Change difficulty on Antharas world raidboss 2. Antharas Lair as the most difficult zone should has the top rewards from the mobs
  2. Xp/Sp/Adena/Drops in Cruma 3 is still wrong!

    Im not animal, Im beast
  3. Xp/Sp/Adena/Drops in Cruma 3 is still wrong!

    stop botting at low lvls to farm adena
  4. Learn to Make Money

    I spend 0 dollars and Im above top whales :>
  5. Learn to Make Money

    its not about if u can or u cant buy Its just overpriced and not worth to invest on the such bad servers. We are the most expensive and the worse region in lineage 2 classics.
  6. dragon valley

    actually drops nothing no adena, no materials, just nothing
  7. Learn to Make Money

    I agree, sick price
  8. antharas even with 10% isnt possible to kill, baium is okay doesnt need nerf
  9. Thanks devs for listening

    dream, dream. impossbile for our devs
  10. Thanks devs for listening

    WP, u did nothing against bots
  11. Gear progression

    Get karmian and buy low a grade for arround 15-20kk
  12. Faced today something similiar, system didnt take me to fight and I lost, watchout now, 58 points
  13. Server Fix !

    In discuss with devs
  14. Bring Old Olympiads Back

    +1 from King
  15. Merge Aftermath

    Where? I will come to clean it up.
  16. Too late, almost everyone quited. Too late.
  17. bishop/cardinal help

    90 is max
  18. there is a hope, from my server almost all bots disapeared from roa
  19. Damaged Epics & Balthus Varnish

    no, sorry go kill real baium or zaken to get epics
  20. never gonna fix existing bugs?
  21. Merge server

    relax, very soon we will receive info about merge/server transfer
  22. All Mats Worth 0 ..

    Vip 7 doesnt even work, I have exactly the same amounts of mats/keymats in 48hours on DV as vip 7 as vip 4.