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Tips for elements on armor?

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Hello again, back with another question!

Was doing a bit of research and wanted to get some community feedback. I am looking to apply elemental attributes to my armor in hopes to increase PVP defense.


I looking at 3x fire, 3x wind,3x holy, 2x the rest. Feel free to make the argument for other setups, just going by what I felt was priority. My rational  is, Holy for weapons, fire and wind for Feoh.


Any input is welcome, thank you.

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mixa    498
2 minutes ago, TheHaggarDagger said:

Appreciate it mixa, thank you!

Also keep in mind that for pvp, you need some uber-high resists lately. I'm easily hitting 1100 attribute attack and that's not the max at all, while hardly having any resist above 800-850. You can get more than that, but it gets very expensive, very fast.

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