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Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!


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to all haters :D. i dont say truffle is bad player i just say that the items he has and how the game is right now his class a broken, no one should be able to become immortal for like 2 mins during pvp with right pt setup if not more. If truffle played Archer with items like that he will probably will do more dmg by few times but still he will be killable during siege. feohs with mp regen should be fixed next update when their mana barrier dmg reduction will be nerfed so castle mp regen wont be op as it is now.( yes this thing is also broken in this game i agree like many others). topaz/tanzanite problem was always here just when it didn't affected so many top players for some reason only we casuals screamed about it because some tank with ud topaz and tanzanite takes no dmg while he hit you with true dmg every 30s. and in my previos post i writed only about broken truffle char because it was his pvp video not some  peppino pvp during siege how he is immortal in aden or some nove box who runs with tanzanite to interrupt MS cast every 30s(it would be interesting video)

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20 hours ago, KKKm said:

This is why MS called people’s clan and not dogs clan . 

I don't think you understand the meaning of ''the people's ...''.

''one one is well known on there block and gives back to his people,be it family,friends or the random person.'

Complete opposite of bringing 105 stacked chars with pay-to-win to kill lvl 85-95 f2p players and sending clan wars to every low lvl / pve clans on the server to abuse them lol.


The people wil not fall for your false propaganda, we know MS is evil! :ph34r:

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