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  1. big group seer,s

    its called bots and they were alive in this game for more time than any player still playing probably
  2. Promos Items. Stop this PLEASE

    this post answered question why ppl dont get good drops from events when chance is 1from 100k boxes to get realy good items you need to spent like 50k each event to get them lol
  3. Heroes, February 2019

    So in comparison with previous month DH have 5 more heroes max lost 4 hawks of doom got 2 new heroes (not counting zinilwa just changed clans same hero). both legends heroes didnt participated in oly thats why lllll got his first hero after transfer :). talking about heroes max lost phoenix knight and shilliens templar spots. AH64 for some reason is now back on DH heroes not MinistryofChaos like last month same with iss spectral dancer on DH side now instead of their ally. about othels widrider spot was taken from DH by guy from SH, lllll got his hero atlas ( where grandpa disappeared) and fotomoto lost hero to zaaliz.. yulls now Sagittarius same clan diferent person others are same. soultaker from random went to hawks of doom and dh changed 1 feoh hero. max lost hieropranth and doomcryer iss and Sindela changed clan to dh. max lost arcana Lord hero but got spectrall master one. thats the biggest changes i saw between these 2 month in Olympiad hero standings
  4. [News] Golden Compass Event

    to summarize event problems its only lvl 100+ and all faces same instance (probably should be made 99-104 and 105+ so ppl can get easy mode with low rewards and hard mode with beter ones) difficulty is to hard its impossible for new or even older player to get any rewards if they don't have good gear and by good gear i mean +10r99 or +8blody set and +12 bloody weapons and other stuff accordingly with lover items its fast death for most classes. rewards are so random ( i heard someone got only 25 coins even after he killed all) its impossible to get top bracelet with rewards like this max +7 but probably +6 or +5 no rewards or xp for killing mobs only boss drops something. so overall event idea is good but we got it so unpolished it became bad event who is viable only for top players with really good gear
  5. official answer please...

    i think you are new here bots in NC west servers were online in huge numbers since game went FTP and nobody fixed this issue till now and probably wont fix ever because they cant hire 1-2 ppl who can log into game as game masters and ban bots regular
  6. if they do event they should launch monkey belt one again was good event and a lot of ppl missed opportunity of making cheap good belt
  7. How much is a 4 slot brooch worth?

    the prices dropped after 5 and 6 slot brooches appeared, and during last brooch sale it was 200 or 400kk dont remember actual price, i think 5 slot brooch price dropped to 2kkk+ also so try 400kk or wait next sale and you can put price according to nc coins cost.
  8. 20~25 EXP-Adena Quests

    first of all this post is in live forum not clasic second here is the link with most quests in clasic rewards can be different because its not NC soft page hope it will helps you https://l2wiki.com/classic/Quests_for_Levels_1—40#1-20
  9. Reborn Clan Recruiting Giran Server

    not gonna join you in classic, but wanted to say that i like alot of more ppl are waiting for your new videos from classic server
  10. Heroes, October 2018

    to sum up changes from September. Max lost Soul hound hero to DH but got Cardinal spot for them its the only change also spectral master is different max player now. legends and GenericCrew kept theirs hero spots(unlucky llll) . hell knight and spectral dancer spots were taken from DH by 2 randoms but DH took maestro and Sagittarius hero from random players. Soultaker hero is the same "random" as before(don't know if you can call player random if he keeps hero and on feoh class). DH kept hero spot but players changed in Phoenix knight class. that's all changes that happened.
  11. Lady Knife Sucks

    OK this quest is hard if you just randomly try to enchant but if you do like ppl said +5 then GEWR + some other enchant strategies you still can make it in 5-7 tries onless you realy are unlucky and dont forget reward of this q is r99 weapon of your choice so in most scenarios if you dont just dump all normal enchants at same time and try to get +7 you will come on top in the end. for myself it was 200kk adena+ when i did it myself for others more for others less. but yes there is alvays ppl like 1 guy long time ago who spent 4bilions and didnt make it, and things like this is not good for game i agree
  12. Lady Knife Sucks

    this quest was made hard in purpose but its still not as hard as some quests who were before goddess update. i imagine how much crying ppl in game would be if they needed to do old nobles or subclass quests right now.
  13. Tyrr - Power Revival skill

    undying will works same as giants barrier or healer celestial so if you use power revival while they are on it wont restores hp. also in oly stunts and other interupts can easily cancel it. otherwise it works as intended
  14. Lvl

    i imagine you are 95-97 lvl. so if you dont have op gear do dailies its must(cc baylor k95 group/solo) after that alvays do octavis because its still nice xp even with 1 pt. after that do some dailie q in farming zones like silent valey right now/seal of shilen or blazing farm. after 99 do dailie kamaloka and trie to do dailie faction in HB. also you can trie to find ppl to go farm af( dont know your class its eazyer to find pt for iss/helers) after 100 do AF also + party farming in af/and giants cave.
  15. Heroes, August 2018

    lvl 6 jevels trade happens in both clan even dragon weapons goes from person to person so there is no problem at this