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  1. Aden Has Fallen (Dim Siege)

    well i am not fan of max but still GZ guys for taking aden in dim siege at last dim sieges started to show some real action. also nice pvp video and like real men you show your skill bars and buffs not like some guys who hides NASA secrets there
  2. boring sieges

    answer to second post is simple, ppl dont like competition so they go to strong clan and that way they can freely farm bosses etc without competition. and if you want some difference in sieges there is simple solution, nc soft just have to make siege zone around castle to be unavailable to ppl who are not registered for that siege, as example max heroes comes to defend castle they enter siege zone because they own aden they get teleported back to town. if only ppl who are registered can enter siege zone sieges will be different because if max players leave clan to join box clans at same time they dont have ppl to defend aden and DH takes it simple game. i saw similar things in some illegal servers where they restricted low lvl epic raids zones so as example if you entered with char over lvl 50 near place where ant queen lives you got immediately ported out.
  3. Online

    After last big update they fixed "bug" which let ppl to check online count on some websites (the owners of those websites confirmed it) so now for what i know its impossible to know how many ppl are playing on servers.

    you are not playing this game actively for long time better he mails items to me
  5. Noblesse quest

    even if it sounds stupid after last update you can get noobless only after lvl 100 . so yes exhalted q part 1 needs lower lvl than noobless now, if you managed to make q before update you can have it on lower lvl but now need 100 lvl. in Korea even mentee system is changed now mentee status is kept till 105lvl not 85 like in here.
  6. you do realize that its not permanent removal of auto target. it will be off from few days till max 2-3 weeks unless something bad happens, so don't spend money till they fix it but in September it should be ok so why all cry i don't know.
  7. you can always put delay in macro or just make to target specific mob not next target, or just make longer macro
  8. well make your own macro for xp or do like in the old good times farm with your own hands
  9. for now no lag while auto atacking and probably 3 client limit per pc is up again didnt check this .
  10. if you write in bigger letters it wont change a thing also if we get compensation it should not be for unsheduled 50 mins maintenance it should be for more than 1 and half week of lags who made realy hard to farm on some clases
  11. bloody vs Dark

    so to answer your question bloody items dont increase your xp gain, but bloody weapon increase dmg to monsters so it increases speed of farming them at same time increases xp/h. armor gives only deff so if you are not tanking mobs no point going with bloody set, at same time you will be probably not doing any pvp unless you are wiling to spend tons of money so bloody weapon for sure set is your choise,
  12. Known Issue: Server Latency

    my opinion is not so popular but ranking system should stay its nice add-on to the game. if it causes lags they probably should make it to update stats every hour or every 3-4h so computers have to calculate less infromation and not constantly. about ppl crying or lowering client limit you are the reason its lags because of your afk farm with full parties, for most players its ok to farm with 1dd and iss max 1dd iss and healer so 3 acc is more then enough. i know its almost imposible to make adena so you crate low geared player parties and afk macro 24/7 trying to get some but still if this thing continues you all will be same as chinese bot farms and normal new players will ignore game even more because your bot parties already taking almost all spots in lower lvl zones and newbies are still to scared just pk you all :).
  13. Ninja Naia server restart

    well if you tried to autoatack with any class you should have noticed you do hit and then stand still for 1-2 s till next hit and overall server was laggy as F so better to lose gludio than suffer lags till normal server rr
  14. there shouldnt be because ppl from lasts events still have many left and even this one event gives some but the reason there is not manny selers of them is that some ppl just kept them for themselves and casual sellers sell them out in month after big event happens and only ones who hoard them is left and they want to keep prices up.