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  1. for now no lag while auto atacking and probably 3 client limit per pc is up again didnt check this .
  2. if you write in bigger letters it wont change a thing also if we get compensation it should not be for unsheduled 50 mins maintenance it should be for more than 1 and half week of lags who made realy hard to farm on some clases
  3. bloody vs Dark

    so to answer your question bloody items dont increase your xp gain, but bloody weapon increase dmg to monsters so it increases speed of farming them at same time increases xp/h. armor gives only deff so if you are not tanking mobs no point going with bloody set, at same time you will be probably not doing any pvp unless you are wiling to spend tons of money so bloody weapon for sure set is your choise,
  4. Known Issue: Server Latency

    my opinion is not so popular but ranking system should stay its nice add-on to the game. if it causes lags they probably should make it to update stats every hour or every 3-4h so computers have to calculate less infromation and not constantly. about ppl crying or lowering client limit you are the reason its lags because of your afk farm with full parties, for most players its ok to farm with 1dd and iss max 1dd iss and healer so 3 acc is more then enough. i know its almost imposible to make adena so you crate low geared player parties and afk macro 24/7 trying to get some but still if this thing continues you all will be same as chinese bot farms and normal new players will ignore game even more because your bot parties already taking almost all spots in lower lvl zones and newbies are still to scared just pk you all :).
  5. Ninja Naia server restart

    well if you tried to autoatack with any class you should have noticed you do hit and then stand still for 1-2 s till next hit and overall server was laggy as F so better to lose gludio than suffer lags till normal server rr
  6. there shouldnt be because ppl from lasts events still have many left and even this one event gives some but the reason there is not manny selers of them is that some ppl just kept them for themselves and casual sellers sell them out in month after big event happens and only ones who hoard them is left and they want to keep prices up.
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    in this forum from time to time occurs strange anomaly ppl who dont play this game anymore for long time, others who sold out all items and only have some boxes left write in here but these messages are always same crying about how bad game is
  8. Did Fafurion nerfed full eternal armor drops in AF?

    last week i did some long farming in HB and GC both dd and iss had 200%drop runes so if you dont count new skillbok fragments drop adena + mats i managed to get dont cower soulshot price i used to farm in there imagine starting from 0 and dont have adena to buy soulshots or tp from town to town i dont even talk about saving for r95-r99 items +4 or so and about getting adenas while farming af or other spots lets think about who will invite you there if you are new with tw items because you wont do dmg
  9. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    this game is all about trash talk. you see VNDragon flames DH for detaging and in this video you can see he himself detaged with patriont and others for antharas so as long as they do this its ok but if other side uses same strategy they are noobs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xOE9snBFtw. I remember when DH had more ppl Max called them zerg after more ppl joined max its everything normal max clan has alot of normal cool guys but VND and few others live only to trash talk
  10. well most ppl will play without pvp they will be one shot killed in spot so i dont count this action as pvp
  11. also clan detaging wont help for top ppl, if afk farming will still get killed also during dragons detaging wont help no more
  12. this one will be epic ppl dont know what they asked for. you dont need to make wars to ppl you dont like just pk them so fun, before top players were cearfull with pk, now some drunk guy with dragon weapon can probably farm some low lvl zone like parnasus clean for few hours till someone kills him :D, even i have few noobs i dislike and now can go to their farming spots kill them and dont get penalty for it.
  13. we still are waiting for full patch notes because what we have now is main system changes and nothing about items/class/zones ant etc. changes. so yes 12 hours till update no patch note we will probably get them 1week after or so
  14. Servers need merge

    i dont think it will happen soon, previous merges were when servers population was about 1k ppl online (with all the bots runing around), now it is about 2k+ in each server(with afk macro farmers) i dont know where you play but in naia i newer had problems finding pt members to do stuffs or farm factions in evenings eu time. eyrs early morning or late night it can be problematic but its eu time zone server so most ppl play during eu time. and even now ppl say there is npt enough spots to farm mobs on higher levels ( i had this problem also). another thing if you merge these 2 server what timezone you should make it ? because if you make US time like it is in chronos sieges/olly for eu players who are majority in naia will start like 2AM so even more ppl just leave server because they cant participate in main activities, after some time online from 4k or so will drop back to 2k+ and then you cant ask for merge because there will be no server to merge with.