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@Hime @Juji

Can we at least get the detail on how the Red Libra will work on Classic when none of that context exists for us?

It would be nice to be able to know how it's all going to work before it goes live so that there is at least less confusion with all of the other changes that are going to happen.

Are we going to get quests for lower levels because the lowest level quest in Red Libra is out of range for all but maybe 20 people on the entire server.

Will we be getting R99 weapons?

How long will the event be going for?

Are the Party Herbs going to drop and, if so, from what level mobs?

What is Green going to do since we can't dual-class?

Is Black going to be scaled down to trade other grade weapons since R99 doesn't exist?

Pink is also completely useless to us.

Will the 4 hour buff still cost 5m?  That's prohibitive to almost anyone who doesn't RMT.

Can we get a clarification on any of this or maybe to know when the event details will be posted so we can know before it goes live?

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