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Damaged Epics & Balthus Varnish


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I would love to see the Damaged epics system get some new life. I have a couple of Damaged jewels that are stuck at +9 because Balthus Glittering Varnish are basically non-existent on the server. I think including Balthus varnish, shining varnish, and glittering varnish in some way for upcoming events would be greatly appreciated by more people than just me.


Let's make it happen! Balthus glittering varnish. We need it. Do it. Please. Thank you.

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There are many in the same boat.  If the Agathion event showed us that the reason Agathion Souls did not drop in classic was so they could sell them to us in a future P2W event, I will assume they removed Glittering Varnish so that they can sell it to us later as a P2W item.  

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