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Blessed are the Returned


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Yes, the title is a little reference to the show "Manifest", for those that watch.....

@Juji I understand the decision to lift the ban on most or all of those players who got caught up in the ban wave.  Whether people like it or not, botting is essential to our economy, its essential to our population, and turning a blind eye is essential for NCSoft's revenues, which pays to keep the servers going.  I didnt care that people botted before this little display of whatever this was, and I still dont care.  But now that NCSoft has wasted time and resources on banning many of the servers botters, only to lift the ban a few days later, I think its time you dedicate some time and resources on FIXING BROKEN CONTENT.  It is insulting that you can spend so much time and resources adding P2W events to the game, and making sure your "rules" dont apply to your biggest spenders, and it's time to make the players the priority.

Server maintenence tomorrow, what will be fixed?

Will we be able to see buffs/debuffs?

Will cancel work?

Will the levels of epics be raised?

Will debuffs land on the epics like Baium and Antharas?

Will Zaken no longer be able to be reset?


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I am sure priority 1 is to remove the ban from anyone spending real $ regardless. What these guys need to do is just flat out say botting is okay. Everyone is doing it, players no longer care, gm's not only do not care but will unban you if you get caught and spend a few $$$. They have even made the content of the game impossible to level passed 80 if you do not have a bot crew with you. I guess I just do not know why they keep claiming it is against the EULA when they clearly allow it.

As for your questions...

buffs/debuffs hidden make it harder for players to prove someone is using a 3rd party program. If you cant see them auto removing buffs and such then its less headache on the GM's answering tickets.

Cancel is working as intended

Epics were supposed to be raised to 80 like 4-5 pay to win events ago i thought so who knows.

Debuffs on epics working as intended

Zaken will not be fixed as long as the big $$$ guys are the ones resetting it. If the tables are ever turned it will be fixed.


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