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Hello NcSoft,

I think it is a perfect time to add Brooches on Classic Servers. It's dying anyway so it's worth milking the cow until it's still still possible. Also korean and japan classic have brooches in L2Store for a solid 2 years now!



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Damn all classic server were full a few months, was so fun playing, farming, pvping, partying,

Now you log, party matching empty, ppl afk macro, 

All those OP paytowin item broken the Essence of Classic... 

The servers looks completely devastated and empty , even olympiad is crap lol !

How does people keep playing there, live servers has way more population now, feel free to come on Chronos and spend ur money and time here :) 

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2 hours ago, Clevage said:

Hey Ando my man. I can give you simple answer - Live server is even more P2W than Classic and it's not worth starting there unless u have free 5k euro to invest

Yeap, don't even try without a big pocket,  in order to make adena u need a top toon so if u start with nothing u'll end up with nothing ... Sad story :D  

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