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Please provide details on upcoming changes


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@Juji @Hime  Could you please provide some details on the upcoming changes to Silver Coins and the VIP system?  Some of us have been suggesting for many months you provide us with the L-Coin store, and implement some sort of hybrid subscription system.  Is it possible this is what will be coming?

The track record for NCWest was been very poor, all you have done is remove content from the game without replacing it in any way, which has only destroyed the economy and decimated the games population.  At this stage, I feel like I have already beaten game, with nothing left to do but spend more real life $$$$ just to keep up with everyone else in the same boat.  This most recent event has been your most shameless display of P2W mentality yet, you are literally selling +6 S-Grade armor sets and +7 or higher S-Grade weapons to anyone willing to spend a mortgage payment on NCoin.  Because of this, I have thrown in the towel and not spent a dime.  I am 99% sure I am quitting this game.  I dont see a justification to spend $1-2k on a game that is already dead.  Just because there are 10-15 "whales" still playing the game and willing to buy your boxes doesnt mean the game is still alive, if anything it will just kill it more as the gap between whales and the rest of the server grows.    

If you were able to provide details of the coming change before the current event ends, it's possible myself and many others would be willing to invest in your instant S-grade event, but I simply cannot without a glimpse into what is to come.  And even if your coming changes are good, if this event ends before the details are known, it will not be worth it to stay and try to catch up.  So I implore you, please give us a sneak peak of what is to come before it is too late.  

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it is amazing how everything you have added to this game is hidden behind a pay wall. A grade armors and weapons? How do we craft them? You have basically eliminated the dwarf class. So instead we are relegated to a few raid bosses and yep pay 2 win boxes. S grade weapons and armors? 99.9% behind a paywall. who does 4 sepulchers except for a select few whales who were able to p2w their gear? you have decimated the drop system. you have to have a superb party in a most difficult spot that provides the worst xp imaginable and hope for non existent drops and adena. And the best xp places there are no drops at all. there is no way to make adena other than to buy it from farmers who farm places that are level 22. Haha how much sense does that make? the best adena farm in the game comes from ROA? really? and you wonder why so many bots are there. everything cool in this game is hidden behind a pay wall that involves gambling your real life money over your monthly boxes. You sucked us in with the promise of your old glory and completely lied to us. bait and switch at its finest. clean it up nc soft. make lineage2 great again

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