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Clean up chat by blocking Heroes

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Hi all: 

I returned to the game a couple of weeks ago, and got fed-up with the spam from the incels in Hero chat. I've seen multiple complaints on these forums and in-game, so I wanted to suggest a "simple" solution: block each person. This becomes tedious on multiple characters, but the amount of spam it cleans up is worth it. I have created a master list that I simply refer to on each account, and then just add each Hero to it, one by one. It's made the game far more bearable, and I end up forgetting about the change until I log on a rarely used character and am suddenly exposed to a blue text ranting child. 

In time, maybe NCsoft can enable the disabling of the Hero channel, but until then, you are forced to add each and every one of these incels to your block list. It's a lot better than nothing, because I honestly don't think I could play if I had to look at this childish drama every time I played. Naturally, if you actually PvP against these incels, you probably want to keep chat enabled, so that you can see them rant about their parents holding back their allowance. As always, use discretion in how you use these filters. 

Happy hunting!


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Hero's use hero chat to accuse others of cheating, botting, RMT, insult others.  The newest is a hero on Chronos has been said to gotten a 3 ban, when he came back many of the hero's where going back and forth taking what all hero's said out of context and saying "OH you said X All should report X hero thats against the EULA they need to be banned".  This went on for days of back/forth insulting like always but telling everyone to report people for nothing at all.  Hero's get buffs/glove/weapons/etc do they need unlimited shouts?  They should have no more of a "voice" than everyone else you need to remove their unlimited shouts it has been complained about since hero's was introduced what 10 yrs ago?  Hero shout has been abused for 10+ years by people and needs to be dealt with.  The constant harassment, belittling, and abuse they are TOXIC people.

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