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  1. I am curious about this, as well. There's no mention of the change in the patch notes.
  2. I have been playing since March 28, 2004. Around the same time you were born. Edit: Oh, and thanks for not explaining the math!
  3. https://i.imgur.com/5LMMuL1.png Before patch (on the left): I earned 6.7 trillion XP with 570% bonus. After patch (on the right): I earned 1.8 trillion XP with 470% bonus. So before and after patch, I dropped to 82% of the overall XP bonus, but wound up with just 26% of the XP reward. 470 / 570 * 100 = 82% 1.8T / 6.7T * 100 = 27% And nothing is strange about this?
  4. Did Castilla's XP drop in this update? I did a run last night on a level 106, and with 570% XP rate, I gained just over 1%. I just did another run now, and at 470% XP rate, I got just a little over 0.30%. I get that vitality bonus is gone, but something doesn't seem to add up here. What am I missing?
  5. It looks like the next patch is supposed to remedy this a little bit: https://eu.4game.com/patchnotes/lineage2/206/ That's for EU, but it's assumed it'll trickle down to us suckers in NA at some point. Feoh, Yul, and Wynn will use Blazing Swamp for 40K, while Sigel, Tyrr, Othell, Iss, Aeore, and Ertheia will use War-Torn Plains. If NC used a better design for the Mentee enchant scrolls, the issue of crowds in these places would drop. I see groups of five regularly in Swamp with toons that are all similarly named (even like Earring30, Earring31, etc). At the same time, isn't thi
  6. I live in Canada, and have a 1Gbps internet connection. One PC I use for gaming has an 18-core Intel 7980XE with 64GB of memory, while the other is an 8-core 9900KS with 16GB of memory. I get disconnected on an hourly basis, on one of my three accounts. So please, stop acting like you know everything. Yesterday, I legitimately could not even accept the daily attendance reward on my main because I disconnected four times throughout the day before the 30 minute timer clicked in. I just gave up. Edit: Please tell me it's a hardware issue: https://www.speedtest.net/result/9232225823
  7. As I was working on leveling my oldest character last night, an automatic mail surprised me when it wished me a happy birthday. Sure enough... it's been 16 years since L2 launched its beta in North America: https://i.imgur.com/1SmPGIp.png The game officially released a month later, but all beta characters carried over. I remember needing to use a login macro to get connected, because that server was getting absolutely pounded. Good times. Anyone else still have their launch characters?
  8. I admit I am surprised by this, because since returning a month ago, I've felt like the amount of Adena spam has almost disappeared. I see up to two messages a day, generally. After the F2P transition, the spam was unbearable. Honestly, the Hero chat is 100x more annoying than Adena sellers, to me. Luckily there are only a handful of people you need to add to the block list before that clears up.
  9. You can become 100% automated with the built-in system. Of course NC expects people to AFK hunt. If you weren't meant to, there would be limitations to the macros.
  10. At the same time, it appears not much is changing from week to week. NCsoft claims the hardware was upgraded, and we're still seeing lag. That's a hint that the configuration in general is bad. It could be simple, or it could be complicated. But it shouldn't take months to figure out.
  11. Does anyone have any screenshots of these "inaccessible" areas? And to ask a newbie question, what's the advantage? Are people so far out of view, that they can see you, but you can't see them?
  12. I just returned two weeks ago, so I don't have informed insight on this issue, but the lag has been horrendous at times, and I've wondered what's causing it. Disconnects are bad, as well. I have been disconnected a few times while in the middle of something, like sending mail. Does anyone remember after the free-to-play transition, there was a system similar to this ranking one, but it showed things like top enchants? IIRC, that was removed for the lag reason as well. I really wish these systems were moved entirely to a different server, and then viewable online instead of in the game. I
  13. Getting banned in this game takes extreme effort. Heck, even having to get the US developer team involved at all takes extreme effort. So unless it's clear extortion; eg: demanding Adena, nothing can or will be done. Just be thankful you're not a no-lifer who has so much time on their hands that they level up high-level PKs just to gank newbies. Sixteen years of this game, and I still think these people are pathetic. What I'd recommend: create a second account and second character. Create a macro that has a /target for each known PKer. Set the other character in a sensitive area near you
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