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  1. 16th anniversary items

    What makes me so mad, is that I took a break when they did server merges and i didn't login so I lost all my original toons from back in 2005. So i get no rewards that i actually want. so anniversary events are nothing to me.
  2. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    I find it funny there is no melee lag fix yet server bonus settings are going away.
  3. when will we have the patch notes of the update

    Those aren't always accruate, we get the shaft on a lot of good things other regions have. Then when we ask Juji and Hime they says "It's not for our region". Its funny how little we get compared to other regions and how much more all other regions get I mean the pure amount of events, free stuff, paid stuff every other region gets is overwhelming. Were just little sad NA Servers..
  4. dead and empty hunting zones.

    Correction, they are not "Hunting Zone" they are Instance zones where you only have X amount of time in those zones per day. I would assume there will ofcoarse be recharge stones for PURCHASE in the L2 Store for spending more time in those zones like the current. So besides the 2 places per level range they "Give us" for free they are only revamping "new places" as instance zones for them to make more money. I remember a day when this game really was FREE 2 Play now its pay to hunt in any zone but the 2 we give you.
  5. Attendance 30 day Weapons

    Yes but the weapon would say "NO Grade" under description this does not say a grade.
  6. Attendance 30 day Weapons

    Whats funny is you give these Emporer weapons and they don't have any Grade assigned to them so as archers You can't use Arrows with them or Quivers. All day your system message window shows "You have run out of arrows". So losing DPS here on one of my toons because I can't equip arrows on it.. Smart move there NCShaft.
  7. Why ohhh WHY do you guys want more sales in game when they can't fix the server lag? You want to THROW MORE DAMN MONEY AT THEM FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO MAINTAIN THE SERVER PROPERLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Why would they worry about fixing the server when people just keep spending more and more money?
  8. Fix_Server

    We are going on 8 months with no fix at all. You have this Exp event going on which is awesome, but yet I'm trying to exp and in my normal spot I can't which I could 2 months ago before the lag was this bad. I've upgrade my gear from +8 Blessed r99 light to +10 Bloody R99, got 7 Signs, Abundance, and more yet I can't do my normal area.. I've been leveling up mentee's for the +12 Atlas last 2 months because I can't exp. But you put more and more exp events and I have to hunt in lower level area than I should be in because of melee lag and I'm suppose to be happy? I'm suppose to buy more NC Coin to support your company when you can't fix your own game servers? No you don't reward bad behavior or bad work ethics with more money. FIX YOUR SERVERS then we'll spend more money! Give us the appearance outfits other regions have. TO be honest I'm ready to go to EU and play on their servers they have SOO much more than we do, they have so many more events than we do. For this #STAYATHOME they got a free exp pack.. What did we get? Laid off jobs and NC Soft putting more products up for sale on their NC Soft store? 4game gave away free in game items while you want more of our money with servers that are broke?
  9. PK for Spot

    I used to have a perma red PKer named ElfSlack on Devianne and I would go around Elven Village and PK everyone, they would drop gear then I'd pick it up. Run to a location drop it where my main was logged and I'd get free gear! Lots of people did this, I have so many memories of being changes by my own clan Lotus, or others like Prophecy, Titans, Fate,Legion of Doom, Legion of Divinity all of which I was friends with on my main. But hey gear is gear back in the day and everyone had a pk toon. So again Sesh keep that trap shut because you have no idea what your yapping about go back to your puppy bed.
  10. PK for Spot

    AS Stated by the people that actually played back then YES you could drop items, White, Purple, or RED at any point in time YOU COULD DROP ITEMS. It wasn't until like C4/C5 where they made it so you COULDN'T drop if your name was white/purple and only when you were red. But again your to young to know because you didn't play back in Closed/Open Beta like the rest of us did. So please stop telling us what you think it was because we actually KNOW what it was. You kids these days think you know everything when you come in 1/2 through a game or 1/2 way through a conversation.. SHUT YOUR MOUTH and let the adults talk because we actually were playing during that time. You thankfully weren't playing during that time. NOW keep that trap shut.
  11. PK for Spot

    It's you Sesh that have no idea what your talking about, until like C5 you could drop even when WHITE. I used to train Chinese farmers in Cata's all day and watch them drop gear then I would sell it back to them. SO Yes you could drop gear back not in Chaotic Status. Your just to young and don't know because you didn't play back then cause your balls hadn't dropped yet kiddo. Funny how they ban one forums account and you come in here doing the same thing that got it banned, or wait they banned some in game accounts also and yet your in game doing the same thing that got you banned and server hated.. I guess you are just to young and dumb to learn. So sad you have no idea how to be a decent human being and only know how to incite anger in people because all you spew is hate 24/7 one day you just might learn how to be nice to people by then will it be to late to save you?
  12. stay home and stay safe

    Yes the servers need to be fixed, but what I think he's pointing out is valid. Out of all the Lineage 2 Offical Servers out there this population is treated like trash the most. #1. We ask for events and are completely ignored 100% *We have "circlet event" which is almost useless since Mentee Reward Revamp* and insane prices ontop of it. #2. 6+ Months of Lag issue's with barely a word on when it will be perm fixed besides "In talk with Korean Dev Team" for months. #3. Prices are insane for paid events, and useless events repeat more then helpful events. #4. NCSoft removes paid items we purchased with 0 compensations such as modify scrolls, doesn't tell us when they are coming back, and do not punish exploiters/cheaters/TOS and EULA violatiors. #5 Send in a ticket and they tell you to "Post on the forums for help" do so and you get infractions and 0 help, they just don't want to do their jobs at all. But still get paid? If we actually had a company that cared they would make more money, but they actively show they don't care so they must be content with making less money?
  13. Don't Fish anymore

    To most of the people, thank you for not reading and showing that you have no clue.. what your talking about. As I stated it was a friend, not me so telling me that "You got banned you broke the rules".. Nope not me thats #1 shows your to lame to even read the original post and just come on here to crap talk for no reason. #2 No bots were using in afk fishing only thing she can think of is on that laptop she used Meeting software as she works from home and it captures keyboard/mouse which NCSoft considers that possible botting software. Even though its not and its a professional product her company uses. #3 It sucks that people using work software on a work pc they use for L2 also have the risk of getting banned and NCSoft won't do research to see if its really a bot or not. But obviously with the 1mil+ summoners botting everywhere its not like they care.. But they banned 2 of her afk fishers.. All they did was AFK fish. Who in their right mind would bot.. on a account.. that ONLY FISHES what would you need to bot? LOL
  14. New Chonos player asking for gear :)

    stop being a beggar end of story
  15. Don't Fish anymore

    Whats funny is all the people that abusing the swords/instance passes didn't even get a ban. Botters now days are getting 3 day bans as warning. But yet back in C5 I botted on my accounts and I got PERMA bans but there is almost no such thing as perma bans now. The same people keep exploiting the system, cheating, and are here day in/day out but yet back in day when 100m was a lot I was banned with billions of adena in gear because I got perm banned. How is that fair they don't do that for cheaters anymore? I had to start over and lost everything but yet no one else has too? I know for a fact my friend doesn't use cheats or hacks. If your afk fishing what cheats would you need to use its AFK FISHING for christ sake seriously. NCSoft bans people not doing anything wrong while keeps all the high level, high geared cheaters in game.