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A some newbie questions


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Hello everyone! I'm Xsizow and my Storm Screamer is now lvl 83. (Server Naia)

I'm back after 4 years to this game again and.. I have some newbie questions to you.

1. How can I get the Blessed Spiritshots S Grade?

Should I buy it from Grocer Shop for 420 ea, or it is another cheaper way to get it?

I bought some for 310 ea from a players on Aden.

2. How can I get money for that? I have only 2,5kk :o ?

3. I'm doing the quests on Dragon Valley now, and after 84lvl where should I go exp and do quests??

4. What quests should I do? Please help me :)


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The simplest way is to make a second character, level it to 76 and do the 3rd class change quest. As a quest reward you will get, among other things, 6000 Soul- and 6000 Blessed Spirit Shots S-Grade. Choose a warrior class for that character, and the BSSS will be surplus anyway :)

After lvl 84 you can either continue to grind in Dragon Valley or move on to the Imperial Tomb. The starter quest for the series there is "That Place Succubus" from Captain Andrei in Goddard. The smart way, however, would be to move to Schuttgart and do the daily Mithril Mines run from Priest of the Earth Daichir (near the Olympiad Manager). This will give you a daily income of 1.1 million adena, get you to 85 in a month or two and gives you plenty of time to level up alts for Shots. You will need your Dynasty equipment again when the R-Grade equipment you get upon Awakening has evaporated after 30 days.


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Those are good suggestions, but another way is to splurge for $5 of ncoins.  For $5 you get 400 ncoins.  You can buy 10,000 each of S, A, B and C blessed spiritshots for one single ncoin.  You can buy another 30-day R-grade set for 80 ncoins. Have fun in the game.  

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