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Manor mode in PT


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Need help....

I start auto-hunting in char A with manor mode on, my char B (with party) have one macro to assist. If for some reason my char B hit first, char A ignores and go to next target.....

There is a way to dont "manor mode" inside same party?



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i have this ridicolous problem too, in zones where u have to put manner mode for dont waste time by hittings other mobs....but all party scheme will go *** coz this Manner Mode doesnt calculate party members and foreigns LOL

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The only way to deal with that is to put a delay before the assist (delay 3 or so).

If u are in places like BS mob will be probably dead before u assist, but in places like EV or SV (where u can get a spot with mobs for yourself) it should work fine.


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