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Merger Fail


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3 days into merger I can definitively say it was a total failure.  Other than a few more shops in Giran, I really wouldnt know that 2 other servers merged into Talking Island on Wednesday.  I think all this merger did was allow players from Gludio and Aden to cash out on a more populated server before quitting for good.  The only real winners were PUFA and the RMT/Adena sellers on Aden/Gludio.  

@Juji People are sick of having to buy adena just to afford soulshots, only to be bombarded by a never ending stream of P2W items they need to purchase in order to stay relevant with the handful of whales left in game.  If you are an actual gamer and fan of this game, you should be ashamed to work for such a poorly managed company that they would do this to the game, and should quit immediately in protest.  Do us all a favor and just unplug the server once and for all.  Stop milking your loyal fan base when you have no intentions of doing anything different than you already are.  

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Agree with all u said, i remember how it all started, they first said all the items we would have in the L2 store was cosmetic and xp items, i know that just like any other, this company needs money to survive, but what these guys are doing is just... not right.

In order to update the game and have a good community, they should do what US, real players, say, not what they think thats better for us, i bet none of them play the game.

I'm sad to see all they care about is our money.

Within a year, this game will be so dead, only the ones who spend some serious money on this will be playing, which wont be more than 500.

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