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New CGI Cinematic PLS

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How long has it been since you released a cool cgi cinematic? From C5 trailer with Elf vs dark elf? Come on release a new one with cool animations no ingame graphoics, and dont tell me you dont have budget, people are paying a lot in this game everyday,dont buy a new ferrari this month and make a cool Cinematic :)

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That would have to be outsourced and simply is beyond the Lineage 2 Department's budget.

Here you can see how those cinematics are made, mainly by the Lineage 2 Art and QA Teams, but NCsoft's Planning Team and "hot-blooded Lineage 2 players"/열혈 리니지2 유저들 also being involved:

You can run the text through Google Translator, but the embedded videos from the various steps are pretty much self-explanatory :)

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