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lf VIP 10 for Daimon Crystal Fragments

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Hello players,

I have been trying to farm DC fragments but my main is vip 6 and boxes vip 0 so I dont get benefit

If you have a VIP 10 dd, I can clear out the area and you kill with VIP 10 char the mob that drops the piece and we get the drops by turn.

Just shared an idea

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I am almost certain the drop rate gets dispersed or averaged out as to not be completely useless. I only have one account with vip and notice when I party with random people. Another idea is kicking your buffers out. 

You only need VIP 8 to hit the drop rate cap. 

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On 2/7/2020 at 2:33 AM, Pradaya said:

Use melody buff if you are that intent. WC is not hard. A lot of people do it. 

Im 84 level and I farm with pony buff sws and bd, if i kick them whats the point? ill probably die.  Whats WC? I farm it from Ketras Commander in ketra orc outpost

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