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@juji a couple quality of life fixes please

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yes! please consider improving the clan bracelet/Bracelet of Duty.... in order to make it Lv6, you have to be in game and claim clan chest every day for over 800 days. OVER 2 YEARS. A long, long time to wait for one item... But currently, after all that, it only opens 4 talisman slots? Even the talisman bracelet Lv.6, which is hella easy and cheap to get, unlocks all 6 talisman slots. If you have to work towards something for 2 years, I think its fair to ask for +1 to stats AND all 6 slots opened. 

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8 hours ago, 4six said:

Add a way to get transform extract scrolls ,  make level 4 and 5 dragon pendants tradable.  Make the clan bracelet that takes years to make level 6 better by adding more slots?



in the top list of posts u can see a post created by admins to talk about same topic, so use that and dont create another. just stop here and close. ty

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